Canvas Church

Pastor of Spiritual Formation

San Francisco, California

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    Why We Love This Opportunity

    Canvas Church in San Francisco is looking for a Pastor of Spiritual Formation who is passionate about pointing creatives to their Creator, so they would become fully alive followers of Jesus. Canvas is a young, growing church committed to the flourishing of its city because they believe “its welfare is their welfare”. This is a great opportunity for anyone with a heart for millennials and creatives in a city known for its scenic beauty, culture, history and diverse communities.

    About This Organization

    Canvas was founded by Pastor Travis and Jena Clark and a team of 23 others who moved to San Francisco together to launch the church in 2013. The purpose of planting Canvas was to “point creatives to their Creator, so they would become fully alive followers of Jesus.” Canvas launched in the Marina neighborhood of SF, a neighborhood made up of millennials and transplants that move to the City to work in tech or for a startup.

    For the last few years, Canvas has experienced growth in what is an extremely transient city and has become a church made up of mostly millennials who are reconstructing their faith. Because of this, Canvas has spent a great deal of time and focus to create a church where people can grow together in a safe community, and begin to use their unique passions to shape the world around them.

    The leadership style of the Lead Pastor is one of empowerment, honesty, and innovation. Leaders at Canvas are empowered to create, problem-solve, and execute a vision that is in alignment with the Church’s vision and values. With that, Canvas is always innovating to be more effective in accomplishing their “fully alive” vision.

    Position Description

    Position Summary:

    The Pastor of Spiritual Formation will serve to pastor people from the front-door and into the church family. They will oversee guest assimilation, small groups, and volunteerism in order to create a pathway for people to experience a growing relationship with Jesus as a part of the church family.

    Responsibilities and Duties:

    • Oversee the assimilation process of plugging first time guests into our growth pathway through our monthly “Belong” events
    • Create, cast, and cultivate a strong vision and strategy of discipleship for our Small Groups ministry.
    • Create a strong culture of “get-to” volunteerism within the church.
    • Be a regular communicator (once a month) during our Sunday gatherings by preparing and delivering the Sunday teaching.


    • Minimum of 5 years full-time pastoral ministry
    • Must have strong written and verbal communication ability
    • Exceptional problem solving and conflict resolution skills
    • Needs to be a team player and hard worker
    • A clear commitment to pastoring in San Francisco long-term
    • Comfortable in post-Christian contexts
    • Strong adaptability skills
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