Northwest Bible Church

Children's Minister

Dallas, Texas

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    Why We Love This Opportunity

    Slingshot Group loves partnering with Northwest Bible Church. They’re committed to reaching people for Christ and living out a relationship with him authentically. The Family Team at the church is stellar, but they need a Children’s Minister to maximize its potential. If you’re eager to build up a biblically rooted, highly engaging, 250+ kid ministry with 100+ volunteers, Northwest Bible Church would love you to step in and lead!

    About This Organization

    Northwest Bible Church on the northeast side of Dallas is a healthy, growing, highly relational church of 1,100+ that beautifully brings together the old and the new. Whether in their city, the nation, or around the world, Northwest congregants are leveraging their God-given divine platforms far and wide. The whole community is initiating surprisingly easy-to-start conversations about Jesus with neighbors, co-workers, friends, and family members. Woven into the fabric from the start, Northwest also champions “Faith Promise,” an annual initiative to give generously by faith to local and global missions. The heart of ministry at Northwest truly starts at home and flows out across the globe.

    Northwest Bible Church is a relational church with 70% of its people connecting through their vibrant small groups that meet on Sunday mornings and throughout the week. As a ministry, Northwest Bible Church is remarkably in touch with its unpretentious identity and desire to multiply mind-connected-to-heart disciples who pursue Christ even – rather, especially – when life’s messy. They offer weekly services at 9 am, and 10:35 am with children’s ministry offerings at both services. The church can’t wait to bring on its next Children’s Minister to round out its dynamic Family Ministry team.

    Position Description

    The leadership and congregation at Northwest Bible Church follow Christ in real and raw ways. They recognize that no one is perfect and everyone needs Jesus. This humility flows through the community and pours over how leaders courageously lead people, teams, and initiatives. The next Children’s Minister needs to embody a healthy identity in Christ and the boldness that comes from gifting, experience, and conviction. With young and old all serving together at Northwest Bible Church, this role requires discernment regarding what to pursue, when to press the gas, and when to pump the breaks.

    While the church has amazing facilities and a strong Sunday experience for kids, the children’s ministry is ready to look to the future and forge ahead. What innovations could enhance Early Childhood and Elementary? What needs to happen in the physical spaces? How can the ministries empower volunteer leaders more effectively? Where can children’s ministry strengthen its connection with families throughout the week? What kinds of experiences will reach the surrounding community of kids and parents? The questions are endless; so are the opportunities. The Children’s Minister needs to dream daringly as the ministry partners with God for Kingdom breakthroughs.

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