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Henderson, Nevada

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    Why We Love This Opportunity

    Historically, students have always been a priority at Mosaic. After a couple of recent staff turnovers in leadership, Mosaic has stabilized under the leadership of Michael Baggett (Family Ministry Director). While this has brought consistency in the ministry, everyone is aware of the need for a more permanent and called leader who will take things to the next level.

    With 10 middle schools and high schools in the vicinity, Mosaic’s new Student Ministries Director will be well poised to make strong connections to students and staff on campus. Mosaic desires a leader who is not afraid of these environments but will actively seek partnerships and build bridges to strengthen Mosaic’s investment in the community.

    Because there is a huge heart for unchurched people, the new Student Ministries Director will be someone who can comfortably converse with people who are unchurched and irreligious.

    About This Organization

    For nearly two decades Mosaic church has endured the ups and downs of what was a fast-growing church plant, changes in pastoral leadership, and ill-timed facility changes. Yet it endures. Like a bunch of broken pieces that come together to create something beautiful, this church of 400-450 is stepping into a new future of dealing hope.

    It’s a good thing. Vegas needs great churches!

    Boasting well over two million people it continues to be one of the fastest-growing metro areas in the country. The Vegas lifestyle has claimed more than its share of victims. What some may consider shameful behavior, Vegas puts on a billboard and sells.

    Senior Pastor, Rod Poepping, has been in leadership for over four years. He has led turnaround ministries in other extreme cultures such as Alaska and Portland, OR.

    “I get this place. I’m one of them. I came to Christ late in life and have walked through recovery like so many here.” – Lead Pastor Rod Poepping

    The church is a part of the Christian and Missionary Alliance network of churches.

    “We are somewhat charismatic but with seatbelts.” – Lead Pastor Rod Poepping

    Thousands of cars pass Mosaic’s facility every day on the 215 loop which covers the south side of the city. Vegas is largely unchurched, but unlike other metro areas, there is a unique sense of grace around this city. Where sin abounds, grace abounds all the more.

    Vegas is not an easy city. To do ministry here is to accept people where they are and many times they are in the midst of personal, financial, and relational disaster.

    There is a more “normal side” to Las Vegas. There are great neighborhoods, homes, schools, parks, walking trails, and families raising kids. This is a city of two million. It is a city that is now home to a National Hockey League expansion team, as well as the NFL Raiders. There are good magnet schools of performing arts, major universities, and retail and entertainment as far as you can see. The climate is great. And yes, it’s a dry heat

    Position Description

    The Student Ministries Director seeks to change students’ lives by directing groups for both the high school and middle school divisions of Mosaic’s student ministries. The Student Ministries Director will build an environment where students have the opportunity to be connected to leaders and peers for spiritual growth. Through casting vision, developing a volunteer leadership team, and executing the programming strategy, the Student Ministries Director will lead students to realize and reach their full potential in Jesus.

    Key Responsibilities:

    • Recruit, develop, equip, empower, and care for volunteer leaders and other Student Ministries staff to provide direction, growth, and multiplication of their respective areas of ministry
    • Create and maintain open lines of communication and personal involvement in the lives of students and their parents/guardians
    • Provide event coordination for both high school and middle school, as well as spearheading first impressions and outreach efforts
    • Take the initiative to connect with parents to share the vision, direction, and upcoming events in Student Ministries
    • Collaborate with the family ministry team to set curriculum, determine and plan creative and content aspects for events, and monitor the health and direction of the Student Ministries program.
    • Work with the Lead Pastor and other leaders to accomplish goals for Student Ministries goals build bridges with local public schools and look for ways to be visible and involved in the community

    What a Strong Candidate Would Look Like:

    • A builder-type who isn’t afraid to roll up their sleeves and put in the work to establish a strong student ministry.
    • A servant-leader who loves students, parents, and families.]
    • Someone who is teachable and loves feedback to improve, grow, and mature in their calling.
    • Someone who is passionate about evangelism and eager to go outside the church walls to reach students where they are.
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