Madison Park Church

Worship Pastor

Anderson, Indiana

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    Why We Love This Opportunity

    Madison Park is a passionate and growing church of 600-900 that has a long history of serving the Central Indiana region. The new Lead Pastor has cast a clear and compelling vision for the church and there is a fresh wind of faith and fire for the future of Madison Park. People are beginning relationships with Jesus for the first time, being baptized in record numbers, while addictions are being broken, and relationships restored.

    God is clearly moving in this church and as it expands, the team is also expanding. Any new staff member will need to be comfortable with change, be flexible, willing to think outside the box, and operate as a strong team player. God’s hand is on Madison Park and its best days are ahead!

    About This Organization

    The Mission of Madison Park Church is to SHOW PEOPLE WHO JESUS IS! They believe that Jesus is the WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIFE and until His return someday, they will live and lead people to Jesus, embodying the way Jesus lived.

    MP filters everything through five values:

    Located just outside of the Indianapolis metro area, MP is strategically located on 200 acres along a primary stretch of interstate. There is an endless possibility as the Indianapolis metro area continues to develop toward the church.

    Strong, strategic, passionate, and focused leadership defines this church. They are about Kingdom impact. MP is led by Heather Semple, supported by the Elder Board, and the staff is directed and developed by the Executive Pastor. Heather is a sought-after leader, communicator, and pastor. She is a visionary and strategic leader/thinker with a balanced leadership style of grace AND truth.

    Position Description

    Madison Park is a multi-generational church moving toward dynamic worship expression. The people are looking to have an encounter with the Holy Spirit every week in the worship services. Style(s) chosen is a collection of modern worship songs, older songs, and hymns. If you like mixing Maverick City with Great is Thy Faithfulness, this might be for you. If you believe that designing a worship service is more about encounter than entertainment and presence instead of perfection, this role might be for you. If you want to lead people more than you want to lead a song, this role might be for you.

    MP has a solid foundation of musicians and vocalists, along with a rich history of worship excellence that positions the next Worship Pastor with an opportunity to build on a rich history. The church is committed to supporting the vision with the tools and personnel needed to build a high-impact worship culture. As Heather Semple brings fresh leadership and vision, Madison Park is experiencing a renewed hunger and excitement for Jesus in every Sunday worship gathering.

    Key Responsibilities:

    • Lead the Creative Planning Process
    • Primary Worship Leader for Sunday services
    • Give oversight to Tech Director and Production Team
    • Recruit and develop the Worship and Production Team
    • Develop Leaders

    What a Strong Candidate Would Look Like:

    • Madison Park’s worship ministry has entered a new vision season and with that, offers a unique opportunity for fresh leadership to build on an already solid foundation.
    • They are looking for a strategic and skilled Worship Pastor who can lead the worship, creative, and production teams into life-changing moments with God every Sunday.
    • The new Worship Pastor will play a key role in leading this faith community along the journey, seeing broken lives restored by the love of Jesus Christ.
    • The timing is right for a new Worship Pastor to join this unified staff, leading towards a greater Kingdom impact in the Northeast Indy area.
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