Vintage Church Malibu

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Malibu, California

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    Why We Love This Opportunity

    Vintage Malibu is a five-year-old campus plant from Vintage Church LA that is at the precipice of becoming an independent church. They are looking for their next Lead Pastor who will help to lead the church into this new and exciting season. This is a great opportunity for an entrepreneurial leader to help plant a church that already has 160 people in attendance, a robust core team, healthy finances, and a built-in local network of churches in Los Angeles in the Vintage Network. Thirty miles west of Los Angeles, Malibu is strategically connected to both Los Angeles and Hollywood, creating an opportunity for significant cultural impact. The church has also built important connections with neighboring Pepperdine University, with a vibrant group of passionate college students attending. This is a great opportunity to make an impact in both the Malibu community and the university campus.

    About This Organization

    Vintage Malibu was planted in 2017 as a campus of Vintage Church LA. Having grown numerically, financially and in-depth, Vintage Malibu is ready to become a fully independent church in July 2022. While independent, Vintage Malibu will remain a church connected to the wider Vintage Network of churches in the Los Angeles area. Vintage describes itself as a “three streams” church – Word, Spirit, and Discipleship. With a vision is to be a community of disciples rooted in the unchanging truth and gospel of Jesus Christ, a deep hunger for the infilling, presence, and empowerment of the Holy Spirit, and a commitment to spiritual formation into the likeness of Christ.

    Vintage Malibu currently has over 160 in Sunday attendance drawing from the Malibu and the Pepperdine University communities and continues to grow. It has a mature, committed, and passionate board and staff team. There is a core group of committed young families and a vibrant group of passionate university students. The church has invested in discipleship, with 50% of the church has gone through the Discipleship Training School.

    Position Description

    This is a great opportunity for an entrepreneurial leader to serve as a Lead Pastor who would be looking to help plant a church that already has an established and robust core team, a healthy budget, and a church network that can provide support and pastoral belonging.

    The next Lead Pastor should be a visionary leader with a strong preaching gift rooted in theological orthodoxy and a deep understanding of preaching to a secular culture. They should have a track record of a commitment to “three-stream” ministry – Word, Spirit, and Discipleship. They should have a passion for college students while also being able to care for the larger community, with the next Lead Pastor having a priority in developing a strategic ministry that connects with the larger community of Malibu while not negating connection to the university students who are across the street at Pepperdine.

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