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Stafford, Virginia

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    Why We Love This Opportunity

    The Mount is an outward-focused, healthy, diverse, vibrant congregation poised to impact Stafford and greater Northern Virginia. Because of the military presence, there is an incredible opportunity to reach, disciple, and train people who will be sent out to the literal corners of the world. The Mount can be a powerful sending church having a global impact through healthy local discipleship. This congregation has the potential to be a spiritual force at essential levels of our nation’s government as commuters to DC become passionate about serving God in their workplace.

    The people are excited for what God has for them in this next chapter of ministry and is ready to grow spiritually and impact their community. The Mount is a place of hope and potential. This is an effective church with strong facilities, a talented staff, healthy finances, and a desire to grow fruitful ministries in their community and beyond.

    About This Organization

    “For One More” is the rallying cry you hear all around The Mount. Founded in 1907, Mount Ararat Baptist Church grew in Stafford, VA, just a few minutes from Marine Corps Base Quantico, in a bedroom community of Washington, DC. New believers and young families are attracted to Mount Ararat, drawn by excellent teaching, outreach events, and a warm community. Known as “The Mount” today, the church has grown to about 3,500 in attendance (pre-COVID), with updated worship space, a campus in Fredericksburg, an online campus, and a Spanish-speaking congregation.

    “For One More” is a ministry philosophy encompassing a commitment and strategy to Invite, Gather, Give, and Volunteer. The people are proud they are a church for the outsider, that disciples the insider. Weekends are welcoming and informal, with excellent ministries, including modern worship, kids and students ministries (they are known as a place for families), and guest ministries. Currently, 10% of all The Mount receives (the church-wide budget is about $5.5 million) is given to ministry partners to support those on the front lines of outreach. Even with the departure of their Lead Pastor in June, The Mount continues to experience momentum and see fruit!

    Position Description

    The Mount is excited to welcome their next Lead Pastor. After leading The Mount for 16 years, the previous Lead Pastor moved to another ministry in June 2021. It is into this legacy that a new Lead Pastor will lead The Mount into the future. The Lead Pastor must first be an excellent teacher. They must speak the truth of scripture in a way that appeals to believers and nonbelievers. Teaching must meet the cultural reality of a politically divided area and must be able to address current issues in a gospel-rich but not legalistic or fearful way. Teaching cannot be politically “ultra-conservative” or “ultra-progressive.”

    Next, the Lead Pastor must be a fantastic leader. The Mount will not reach her ministry potential without solid, vision-based, courageous leadership. The Lead Pastor must unify the team around a clear vision for the future. This requires effective delegation and trust of leaders and teams and courageous grace-filled conversations.

    Finally, the Lead Pastor must be an effective shepherd of the people. While there is a strong team in place to be the primary shepherd of the congregation, the Lead Pastor must shepherd the staff and key leaders with love, grace, and presence.

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