Kensington Community Church

Worship Arts Director

Clinton Township, Michigan

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Why We Love This Opportunity

Kensington Church has a legacy in the Metro Detroit area for its appreciation and use of the arts in worship and its focus on missions (locally and globally). There are currently six campuses that are equipped with both live worship and teaching. Teachers and worship leaders collaborate on service content and infuse their creativity to contextualize it to their campus. It is an incredible church to serve within, balancing well the both/and of team collaboration and campus creativity!

About This Organization

The mission that all of Kensington serves within is “To see every[one] transformed and mobilized by Jesus.” Kensington a non-denominational church that is led by the Senior Leadership Team. It is an egalitarian church, where women and men are equally given opportunities to lead, teach, and pastor as the Lord individually gifts people. It holds to a traditional view of marriage.

Clinton Township, MI is a city located a mere 25-mile drive from the heart of Detroit! Being so close to the city, water, and a hop skip and a jump over to Canada, Clinton Township is a prime and still affordable place to make your next home.

The population of Clinton Township is just over 100,000 people. The average home price is $158,200, and the median gross rental cost is $941, according to the 2021 Census. The current ethnic demographics of Clinton Township, MI are Caucasian 75.6%, African-American 18.7%, Asian 2%, and Latino 2.3% and .5% First Nations.

Position Description

The role of Worship Arts Director at Kensington will lead the way in developing the team, setting a culture at Clinton Township, and joining with the collaboration of the other campus Worship Arts Directors to see God shine throughout Eastern Michigan. The next leader will thoughtfully think through song arrangements and contextualize them for Kensington Clinton Township. The next leader will have a WILLING and WELCOME spirit for collaborating on featured music for services from time to time. It is not uncommon for a mainstream song to be played on stage that supports the theme of the message or ties to what is happening in our current cultural context.

This is a pivotal and exciting time to partner with Kensington Church Clinton Township in the role of Worship Arts Director! Pre-pandemic, the campus averaged 3500-4000 attendees per Sunday. Clinton Township experienced a decline in attendance during the pandemic like so many churches. However, the campus is growing quickly again. In fact, from January of 2021 to January of 2022, the location has increased by approximately 83%. This campus is in the midst of an energizing upswing and ready for its next Worship Arts Director to partner with God’s work here!

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