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Why I Love This Opportunity

Caleb Loeppky


Kensington Church is looking for a collaborative leader that is excited to dive in and take full ownership of the production ministry at the Troy campus of Kensington Church. This person will work with the Worship Arts Director to look at each weekend and how they can serve the church and each ministry more effectively.

About This Organization

Kensington operates in a collaborative environment, recognizing and appreciating each person’s giftings. They avoid top-down leadership as much as possible by asking for input on most decisions. The Leadership Team is ultimately responsible for setting policy and making decisions, but this process involves submission by staff and teams where they inform the Leadership Team of what they are facing, what is happening; on the ground, and what will best serve our constituents. Leadership is committed to being transparent, authentic, and humble as we truly see ourselves as one team/one mission.

Position Description

The Troy Campus Production Director will oversee all aspects of audio, video, and lighting at all venues at the Troy campus. They will provide leadership and training to the auditorium production team, including our audio engineer, lighting director, and video director.

The Production Director will also actively recruit, connect with, and train volunteers, including camera operators, graphics operators, etc. Working with the Worship Arts Director, he or she will create a “ servant leadership” culture within the Worship Arts Department and help execute beautiful, fun, worshipful, and artistic church gatherings (services) and experiences both online and in person.

Key Responsibilities:

  • LEAD | The production teams at Kensington Church manage production to maintain a high-level experience within a distraction-free environment.
  • BUILD | Volunteer core teams by cultivating community and helping build relationships.
  • COLLABORATE |With the creative and worship departments to build creative solutions for helping people take their next step with Jesus
  • DEVELOP | Current standards of operation, improve systems and execution of audio production, and pioneer new ways for the production team to create meaningful and intentional production.

What a Strong Candidate Would Look Like:

  • This position is meant for someone who is a gifted leader and can troubleshoot well and work under pressure.
  • One of the most important gifts that this person will need is the ability to develop others. In a volunteer-based production team, Kensington Church is looking for someone with excellent leadership skills in recruiting and developing others while creating a healthy team culture between worship and production.

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