Journey Christian Church

Children's Ministry Director

Midlothian, Virginia

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    Why We Love This Opportunity

    This is a great opportunity for a leader who loves kids and finds joy in building a team to shape them and teach them about following Jesus. It comes with good leadership, a super team, and a location with endless possibilities. This is the kind of church where a leader can thrive and see life change in both the child’s and families lives. Journey cares about people and has worked hard at creating environments where unchurched people love to attend. 

    About This Organization

    Journey Christian Church’s Mission is to invite and lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. The vision is straightforward: To be a church that unchurched people love to attend. They focus on creating environments that are effective at helping people discover and develop their faith. 

    A gifted and humble leadership team leads Journey Christian Church. This team is passionate about building leaders who are committed to the Mission and to the pursuit of leading people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. The leadership culture at Journey is marked by their shared values and the desire for the church to be a place for unchurched people to attend. This culture and values flow from the leadership team.

    Journey Christian Church is associated with the Independent Christian Churches and is a Strategic Partner ( with North Point Ministries (

    Position Description

    At Journey, we believe that the Bible should be exciting, good leaders always care, and worship can be really fun. Before kids head off to middle school, we want to lay a foundation of three basic truths from Luke 2:52.

    This position is responsible for leading Waumba Land (Birth-PreK) and UpStreet (K-5th) departments by creating environments where children can connect relationally with their leaders and a small group of other children and have fun while developing a foundation of faith.

    Key Responsibilities:

    • Lead the Children’s Ministry Team at Journey Christian Church while keeping our church’s vision and Mission at the forefront of the department
    • Provide vision and oversight for all things pertaining to the Children’s environments at Journey (including, but not limited to special events and special Sundays)
    • Develop & train Children’s Ministry staff and key volunteers
    • In collaboration with the Children’s Ministry team and key volunteers, help recruit, manage, train, and schedule Children’s Ministry volunteers
    • Lead Children’s Ministry Large Group and Small Group teams to ensure message continuity from Preschool to 5th grade
    • Work with the Student Ministry Director and Children’s Ministry team to ensure curriculum continuity flows from Elementary into Middle & High School environments
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