Jacob's Well Church

Elementary Pastor

Eau Claire, Wisconsin

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    Why We Love This Opportunity

    The Elementary Pastor position is an awesome opportunity for a highly relational, proven team builder to join a thriving church with a very healthy pace, staff culture, and leadership team.

    Jacob’s Well is known in their community as a family-oriented church. Family Ministry continues to be an integral part of the growth of Jacob’s Well!

    About This Organization

    Jacob’s Well is a growing church of approximately 2,000 people on a weekend with over 5000 people who attend over the course of 4-6 weeks. The church is about an hour and a half east of Minneapolis in the town of Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

    The campus is located in a great spot, easily accessed by the main highway that connects the surrounding towns in the Valley. The building feels open and welcoming, with dynamic and engaging spaces for kids, gatherings, and worship. The surrounding acreage is treed and they’ve used it well by adding a prayer trail, some fire-pit areas, and – in the winter – an ice skating rink and snowshoeing. JW Kids’ Ministry has its own dedicated wing that screams, “We love families!”

    Jacob’s Well is attracting young families in the region and reaching people other churches don’t reach, including many nominal Catholics and Lutherans. Jacob’s Well is a Baptist Church that looks and feels like a Non-Denominational Church.

    In 2000, Paul Berthiaume and his family moved to Eau Claire with the intent to plant a church. Jacob’s Well had its beginning as a small group of five families assembling in Paul’s living room. After six months of meeting together—studying, praying, and working together, the group had grown to forty-two adults and in 2001, Jacob’s Well launched in a middle school with over 200 people in attendance. The church continued to grow at a steady pace which led to campus expansions that included a dynamic and engaging children’s space.

    Jacob’s Well is known in their community as a family-oriented church. Family Ministry continues to be an integral part of the growth of Jacob’s Well! They are also known as a place of healing. With mental health being one of the primary felt needs, the leadership works hard to create a safe space for people to belong before they believe. They aren’t going to jump on political bandwagons, be bothered by questions and doubts, protest and pick sides, or do anything that creates an obstacle for people hearing the Good News of hope, restoration, and transformation. Jacob’s Well champions families, emotional health, and authentically living like Christ and becoming more like him.

    While growth has been gradual and steady, they haven’t been striving to attract big crowds. Rather they are managing the growth as they help people truly get connected to their faith and to one another. Emotionally Healthy Discipleship is at the core of their strategy for spiritual formation; teaching people how to implement daily spiritual practices to help them love God and love others well.

    Position Description

    Jacob’s Well is known in their community for its dynamic children’s ministry. There is a solid foundation on which to build and a healthy, collaborative family ministry team do it with. They are beyond excited for a new Elementary Pastor to bring fresh vision and ideas to the team!
    The Elementary Pastor will be responsible for developing, implementing, and executing programming for elementary children, grades 1 – 5.
    We are looking for a leader who is passionate about helping kids develop their impression of who God is and helping them grow and take the next steps to become more like Jesus.

    A proven team builder with a “replace yourself” mentality is essential for this role. The Elementary Pastor will be able to cast a compelling vision and develop a second tier of leadership in order to properly care for volunteers and to strengthen the health and sustainability of this growing ministry.

    Key Responsibilities:

    • Develop, implement and execute programming for elementary children, grades 1 – 5
    • Oversee the elementary classrooms including setting up for the weekend services, and creating an environment that is safe, clean, and engaging
    • Recruit, develop, lead, equip and shepherd volunteers to come alongside parents to be “spiritual champions” for their children
    • Partner with the Family Pastor, Family Ministry Team, and parents to provide seamless transitions at critical times in the lives of children and their families
    • Collaborate with the Family Ministry and Teaching Teams to write elementary large group scripts as well as a small group curriculum
    • Assist in providing pastoral care to kids and their families as needed

    What a Strong Candidate Would Look Like:

    • Team player who loves children and families and has a desire to see them grow and take the next steps to become more like Jesus.
    • A self-motivated, action-oriented leader who leads best through connecting, inspiring, developing, and empowering volunteers
    • Gifted, dynamic communicator and coach
    • A relational leader who is emotionally and spiritually healthy
    • A balanced leader who values people over programs and is not a conversationist or extreme/polarized regarding scripture
    • Ability to take direction (follow), manage influence (lead), and work as a team member with others.
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