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Naples, Florida

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    Why We Love This Opportunity

    Path2Freedom is a remarkable organization with a mission-critical focus of empowering residents at the Magnolia House to claim total freedom over the effects of trauma. The team behind this mission is dedicated to a family-first model of care to meet the needs of the whole child in a trauma-informed environment. While there is a clear vision to expand and open more safe houses in the future, leadership is intimately involved in the day-to-day operations at the Magnolia House to ensure the critical needs of the residents and supporting team are met.

    About This Organization

    Path2Freedom is passionately committed to serving the needs of child survivors through their individual journeys from Rescue to Restoration. The Path2freedom team and its partners share a focused commitment to attaining the organization’s goals by working collaboratively, and without compromising their integrity. In March of 2020 when the entire world was closing down in response to COVID, founder Ana Stevenson and her team continued believing that God had called them to serve in this way, and so, they opened the doors of their first group home for teen girls in Southwest Florida. It is now fondly referred to as the Magnolia House. Path2Freedom is humbled by the service they are called to do for these young survivors and the entire team relied confidently upon God’s loving direction to fulfill the mission.

    The House Parents are the most critical role in the organization, as they live, love and care for the teen girls at the Magnolia House while partnering with the rest of the staff. The leadership at Path2Freedom is deeply dedicated on cultivating a team of mission-focused, servant leaders who embody the core values of: Passion, Collaboration, Integrity & Faith.

    Position Description

    The House Parents will have overall oversight for the daily activities, care and support of the residents living in the Magnolia House. This wife and husband couple will be present and actively involved in the daily activities of the residents 5 days a week in the afternoons and evenings. The house parents will be responsible for setting expectations for behavior and will provide discipline in a non-punitive manner but remain firm on consequences when required. Each parent will play a unique and specific role to best love and serve the unique needs of each child. They will proactively communicate with key members of the staff and volunteers on a timely basis to create the best environment for the residents and the organization as a whole.

    The House Mom will set the tone for the house, she will be both loving & firm. She will also be caring, nurturing and supportive, yet will know how to gain respect through discipline by using safe and effective methods. The House Dad will be trustworthy, dependable, laid back and experienced in setting safe boundaries with teenage girls. He will also serve as Property Manager for the Magnolia House and the property.

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