Forest Hill Church

Lead Pastor of Mission


North Carolina

Why I Love This Opportunity

Todd Clark

Senior Associate

The opportunity at Forest Hill Church is for a spiritually gifted and humble pastor to join a dynamic team of senior leaders.
In this plurality of leadership, the new senior leader will be given the opportunity to lead out of their spiritual gifts, work in areas of passion and enjoy a quality of friendship and family life, as they are not required to oversee all areas of church ministry.

About This Organization

Building Bridges that Connect Everyone to Dynamic Life in Christ.

Forest Hill Church is committed to connecting everyone in the area of Greater Charlotte to dynamic life in Christ. We hope that each person who comes in contact with any part of this church would find that God is at work connecting us to Himself and us to one another.

Forest Hill is a multi-site church with six campuses located in North and South Carolina. The campus locations are strategically placed throughout the greater Charlotte region to see the Kingdom of God at work in every area of our communities.

Forest Hill Church is guided by Biblical truth and principles and is a dynamic, culture-shaping, unified, healthy, and innovative multi-site church. Forest Hill Church has been led for 38 years by the same Senior Pastor until 2019. ​During that time, the church grew from approximately 100 members to around 3,000 members with six campuses. In 2005, the church left the Evangelical Presbyterian Church denomination. It became an independent church, under the authority of the Council of Elders, guided by their biblically based essentials of faith and practices of their faith.

During 2019-20, Forest Hill Church developed a model of the plurality of senior leadership in place of a single Senior Pastor. In this leadership plurality model, there is no longer one peak leader at the top of the organizational chart. This staffing structure points to a team, not an individual.

There is now room for several senior leaders in this structure who all live and lead out of their specific lane, gifts, strengths, and talents.

Position Description

The Lead Pastor of Mission will participate as a member of the FHC Senior Leadership Team with the primary responsibility of equipping and mobilizing the church to effectively impact the community beyond the walls of the FHC community.

They will do so guided by the mission, vision, values, and practices of FHC in ways that are approved by the Council of Elders and in unity with the Senior Leadership Team.

Their additional responsibility is to serve as co-communicator in the preaching and teaching environments of the church.

The Lead Pastor of Mission will serve as the outward face of Forest Hill to the community.


  • Collaborate in the process of development, proposing, and approval of the mission, vision, identity, and culture of the church to the Council of Elders and then delivering that message through all relevant means to engage the congregation and the community with the Gospel message.
  • Collaborate with the Lead Pastor of Teaching as a lead co-communicator to seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit, pray, develop and deliver sound doctrinal sermons and sermon series, teaching biblical truth in an inspiring and motivational fashion and to help people at all levels of their spiritual journey from the lost to the mature, to become more fully devoted followers of Christ. Also, teach the congregation where Forest Hill’s Biblical beliefs, Essentials of the Faith, and Practices of the Faith, may not align with cultural issues and secular authority mandates that go against Kingdom truths and values.

Key Responsiblities:

  • A graduate-level education from a theological seminary.
  • Maturity: Over ten years of experience in pastoral ministry.
  • A demonstrated collaborative leadership style.
  • Experience operating and leading in organizations of similar size and scope.
  • Demonstrated spiritual and personal giftedness in communication and preaching.
  • Able to convert organizational mission, identity, and commission into a strategic, executable vision.
  • Experience with people management, organizational behavior, and development.

What a Strong Candidate Would Look Like:

  • Strong work ethic
  • Accountability
  • Approachable
  • Committed
  • Courageous
  • Christ-like
  • Driven
  • Dedication
  • Integrity
  • Learner
  • Loyal

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