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Cypress, Texas

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    Why We Love This Opportunity

    Cypress Bible Church is seeking a lead pastor committed to growing community both in people’s journey with Christ and the number of people that are reached with the Good News of Jesus. Cypress Bible Church is a healthy church with a gifted staff and supportive board. Cypress Bible Church is ready to lock arms and hearts with a dynamic new senior leader, and everyone believes there are great days ahead for CBC!

    About This Organization

    The mission of Cypress Bible church is …
    “Beginning Where You Are…. Becoming More Like Jesus”

    You are welcome at Cypress Bible Church wherever you are in your spiritual journey. We hope you will join us on the path of Becoming More Like Jesus.

    We believe this is best lived out by:

    • GATHERing for Life-Changing Worship
    • GROWing through Life-Changing Truth
    • GOing in Life-Changing Mission

    The Gospel is the foundation of every service and ministry. CBC is known for its quality Bible teaching, with a history of teaching pastors from conservative seminaries. CBC stresses the transformational power of the Gospel message and focuses on how Christ redeems and transforms our lives to make us truly alive. The Cypress area is fast growing and multi-ethnic area on the North-West corner of Houston, Texas.

    Houston is one of the most racially diverse cities in America. According to US News & World Report, over 2.3 million people are 44% Hispanic, 31% White, 23% Black.

    Cypress Bible Church enjoys a thriving culture and ministry. The church is mortgage-free and has a thriving Hispanic ministry, a Creole outreach, a giving congregation, and a committed and talented staff and leaders.

    Position Description

    The Lead Pastor will be the primary communicator, preaching 70-80% of the time at each of our two Sunday main worship services and other in-person and online contexts.

    He will cast vision and exercise leadership at CBC through serving as a member of the Elder Board, collaborating with other senior staff Leaders as a member of the Strategic Team, and developing future church leaders. The Lead Pastor will also Shepherd the flock by providing care, correction, and protection in the context of loving, grace-filled relationships.

    This position will report directly to the Elder Board and will directly supervise the Executive Pastor, the Worship Pastor, and the Hispanic Ministry Pastor.

    Sermons should be gospel-centered, teach and motivate believers to be committed disciples of Jesus, and also expose non-believers to the redemptive work of Christ and the love that God the Father has for them. Sermon styles should be mostly verse-by-verse (preaching through each section of a Bible book or an entire book). While content may consist of Bible book studies, doctrinal and character studies, Biblical surveys, or occasional practical theology sermons, in nearly all cases, an expository study/analysis of the Bible text should be the basis, or foundation, of the sermon.

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