Community Church of Greenwood

Middle School Pastor

Greenwood, Indiana

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    Why We Love This Opportunity

    Located just 20 minutes outside of Indianapolis, Community Church of Greenwood offers the best of the big city and small-town life. Community Church has recently moved to a “Family Ministries” model to put even more focus on discipling young families. The Middle School Pastor will work alongside the Family Ministries Pastor to help CCG reach the 100,000 people in their backyard who do not have a church home.

    About This Organization

    Community Church of Greenwood began in 1977 as a non-denominational church for the southside of Indianapolis. The church initially met in a storefront, local high school, and library before purchasing the plot of land in the heart of Greenwood, where they currently sit. The church grew by God’s grace and provision through a commitment to structured discipleship, church planting, and global missions engagement. The second Senior Pastor came to the church in 2005, and under his leadership, the church expanded its local impact and updated its worship gatherings to be more contemporary.

    Since Jason Gallman, Lead Pastor, began to lead in the summer of 2019, Community Church has been able to retain the best of our past while forging a new path into the future based on being a relational church with high expectations of its members to be growing, serving, giving, and sharing. CCG now has a strong vision to share the hope of Jesus with the 100,000 people in our backyard who do not have a church home, equip and encourage families of all ages, and bring hope and healing into the mental health crisis in the community.

    Position Description

    Community Church of Greenwood has recently changed to a Family Ministry structure and philosophy, with both kids and student ministries falling under the Family Ministry. The guiding philosophy for the Family Ministry aligns with the Orange model, where the church partners with the parents or caregivers to influence the spiritual direction of the child or student. CCG has developed details around each phase, with milestones and values for every age. The primary goal is to equip parents and disciple kids/students through environments, events, and relationships.

    The student ministry is healthy and vibrant. There is a strong culture of inviting friends in both middle school and high school, and a newly formed college-age group has already shown great fruit. CCG has an amazing group of volunteers who set the bar in the church for serving and commitment. CCG is excited to add a new pastor to the mix to help fuel growth and engagement in their middle school areas.

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