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Costa Mesa, California

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    Why We Love This Opportunity

    There is a tremendous amount of hope and excitement about the future of Calvary Chapel Schools; there is also a great opportunity to give clarity of purpose to the institution and to provide executive leadership. Across the school, there is a strong administrative team-leading staff, parents, and students. The staff loves being at Calvary Chapel Schools, and it’s a fun and enjoyable place to work and serve.

    About This Organization

    Calvary Chapel Schools (CCS) are a Jesus-formed community and on a mission. The ministry began in 1974 under Chuck Smith’s leadership, Senior Pastor of Calvary Church Costa Mesa and has flourished and expanded into a Calvary Chapel Schools, which includes a preschool, elementary school, middle school, high school, and home school program.

    Today Calvary Chapel Schools has over 1300 students and 200 faculty who are a part of their mission to engage, equip and empower students to lead and serve Christ and the world.

    The philosophy of Calvary Chapel Schools is intrinsically aligned to that of Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa, where the supreme desire is to know Christ and to be conformed to His image by the power of the Holy Spirit. They believe that bringing up a child in the likeness of Christ is primarily the responsibility and Biblical duty of the parent(s). Therefore, the school exists to assist in that education without diminishing the parents’ integral role. Calvary Chapel Schools strives to give students the skills to be productive citizens and nurture a relationship with Jesus Christ and be an accurate reflection of His character to the world.

    Position Description

    The Executive Director of Calvary Schools will lead the Calvary Chapel Schools (CCS) team of principals and directors and be a part of the Executive Team of Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa. The Executive Director of Calvary Schools is responsible for delivering a program of academic excellence; maintaining the primacy of Christ in all school endeavors; supervising and developing key leadership talent within school administration, staff, and faculty; developing and retaining enrollment and staff; and representing the school professionally and enthusiastically while developing positive relationships with key stakeholders. The successful candidate will be a minister of the gospel and called by the Lord. It is essential that your attitude and presence reflect the love of Jesus Christ.

    A full job description is available upon request.

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