Bayview Glen Church

Lead Pastor

Toronto, Canada

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    Position Description

    Why We Love This Opportunity

    Bayview Glen is a church in the Greater Toronto area (often cited as the most multicultural city in the world) with a great legacy that has experienced exponential growth in the last 7 years. They are ready for the lead pastor to join and lead this vibrant community by leveraging their unique identity to make a global impact for Christ.

    Church or Org Description

    Bayview Glen is a church of ordinary Christians who find themselves in a most extraordinary setting. With over 100 nationalities represented in our congregation, fluent in dozens of languages, we have been given the means to literally speak to the world. We have a stated vision to see our church increase over the next 10 years to 6000 disciples from its current size of 1300. Our church is already growing, and over the past 7 years, the congregation has tripled in size into a vibrant multi-generational community. We have a staff that is unified and excited about our direction, and an Elder Board that is eager to work together with them to advance our mission. Because of COVID-19, the church has acquired new ways to communicate online, skills that we can utilize as we engage with people in other countries. Combining technology with the resources of our body of believers, we seek to chart new ways to carry out Jesus’ directive to “make disciples of all nations,” even as we seek to build a thriving local congregation at home.

    Position Description

    We are asking God to provide:

    • A gifted communicator, able to make the gospel compelling to the multicultural population of Toronto.
    • A keen observer of culture. Our diverse environment requires insight to make clear the relevance of the gospel to people from such a wide variety of backgrounds.
    • An evangelist. One who desires to see growth in numbers by bringing people to Jesus Christ.
    • A heart for missions. Our target audience is the entire world.
    • A team player. We have a dynamic staff and leadership team along with momentum and direction and are looking for a leader to use these elements to take us to the next level.

    If the idea of exploring a new model of outreach in this singular moment in church history excites you – one in which building the local, global, and online church converges – come lead us!

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