Harvest Christian Fellowship

Audio Supervisor

Riverside, California

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    Why We Love This Opportunity

    If there are two words about Harvest to encapsulate the start, it would be “humble beginnings”. Few may know that before it was one of the largest churches in America, it started as a home Bible study of 30 people. It was 1973 in Riverside, California, that a 19-year-old Greg Laurie felt the call of God to lead this group. Through God’s guiding hand, Harvest Christian Fellowship was transformed from a small group into a church of 15,000 people at multiple campus locations in Southern California and Hawaii.

    About This Organization

    Longing to reach more people with Jesus Christ, this team began holding Harvest Crusades in 1990. For 30 years, these large-scale evangelistic events have reached millions of people, and hundreds of thousands of them have professed faith in Jesus Christ. Of these events, the largest live one-day evangelistic event in US history occurred at Harvest America 2016—350,000 people in attendance. From humble a Bible study to Harvest Crusades, the outpouring of God’s favor has allowed Harvest to reach millions of people all over the world with the gospel. Greg Laurie and the Harvest team continue to bring the gospel home each week at Harvest Christian Fellowship and across the nation.

    Position Description

    The Audio Supervisor manages all operational and design aspects of audio reinforcement (both live and recorded) and visual playback systems (such as ProPresenter, projectors, TVs, or LED video walls) as well as the coordination of production elements as they relate to Harvest’s events. This position manages and supervises the audio team in regards to coaching and developing, manages timekeeping, and scheduling for events and meetings.

    It is essential for this person to have interpersonal skills to hire, train and oversee staff, and act as a liaison between multiple ministries, including working side by side with the Lighting & Video teams. The Audio Supervisor must possess a high level of technical knowledge in audio systems (front-of-house mixing, broadcast, monitors, DANTE, and system engineering), an excellent level of troubleshooting, a strong technical knowledge of visual systems, and lighting systems, as well as excellent organizational and communication skills.

    For large-scale event programming, the Audio Supervisor will work as a creative team member, mixing, recording, and operating audio consoles or other production gear for the event. The overall “sound” of Harvest Christian Fellowship should be defined and cast vision to the audio team through this individual.

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