Generations Christian Church

Adult Ministries Pastor

Trinity, Florida

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    Why We Love This Opportunity

    Generations Christian Church is a fast growing entrepreneurial church that is redefining how the church reaches families. Generations is passionate about reaching young families. Pastor Johnny Scott has been the Lead Pastor for 3.5 years and is ready to add staff members who can take them into the new season of expansion.

    About This Organization

    Generations Christian Church is over 40 years old. They have been on their current property for 10 years and had a name change when that move was made. The previous pastor saw great growth and outreach during a 15-year run.

    Pastor Johnny Scott has been the Lead Pastor for 3.5 years. After a difficult transition, the church is on the brink of breakthrough impact in the city. They are averaging over 2,000 in attendance each Sunday. The Lord has led them to start serving the community in some unique ways, believing that if they serve first, they will have the opportunity to tell people about Jesus. On their property, they are serving 3 different schools, launched a CrossFit Box, launching 2 coffee shops, and a Counseling Center which will also be open to the public. The church seems to have lots of momentum at this time and is growing!

    Generations Christian Church is also preparing to enter a building phase in the next 12 months. Great things are ahead for Generations Christian Church!

    Position Description

    You love to connect with people, connect them to other people and help them get connected with Jesus. You are a leader of leaders and will build teams of leaders to execute and carry out our mission of connecting people to Jesus. First and foremost you will lead your staff team. Disciple them, build into them and help them grow and develop in their leadership. Second, you will build into your team leaders and core volunteers. You empower and unleash them to recruit, shepherd, disciple and lead their teams. Third, you are recruiting, developing and leading small group leaders. You will provide training and leadership to both our Neighborhood and Topic Based Small Groups. Fourth, you will oversee our entire assimilation and connection process. You love to guide people along the process of becoming a member and you will have healthy systems and processes to make this process as smooth and seamless as it can be. Fifth, you will work with our Mens and Womens ministry team and host events and provide resources to help both men and women grow at Generations. Lastly, you are a shepherd and will oversee our Care team.

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