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Youth Director



Why We Love This Opportunity

First Church’s story is a compelling one—filled with humble beginnings, sacrificial generosity, gospel-centered ministry, transformational leadership, and God-honoring initiatives to reach the lost. First Church remains anchored to their unique identity and calling while stewarding their resources to reach an increasing number of people who call First Church home. As with any church, growth involves both great joy and a great challenge. First Church is no exception in this regard.

Coupling a desire to remain faithful to God’s Word while stewarding their call to reach and disciple the new people God sends through their doors, First Church has embraced those challenges and changes without compromise and with a renewed sense of passion to go boldly into the future God has prepared for them

Church or Org Description

First Church was founded in 1893 by several immigrant families who were seeking to worship God freely in America. Through the decades, God has blessed First Church with love for God and love for each other. Several of First Church’s original founding families still call this church home more than five generations later, truly making First Church a place with a generation after generation legacy!

For the last seven years, First Church has been growing rapidly under John Hill’s leadership and in 2016 moved into a new building that was funded solely by the generosity of the congregation. Pre-COVID, First Church was averaging about 1600 people in one location. As they started building out their second location/campus, COVID happened. Today, worship attendance is between 1,200-1,400 people/weekend at two locations.

First Church is debt-free with a healthy staff that has experienced very low turnover. They operate with about one FTE for every 120 attendees in person per weekend. First Church sees 30-50 adult baptisms per year and holds all professing members accountable to the standards for Christians that the Bible gives.

First Church is so thankful to see people far from God filled with life in Christ!

Position Description

Success is:
“Thriving Youth Ministry, Excellent Generational Transitions and On-ramps, Heart for our House”

Thriving Youth Ministry looks like:
– 15% of weekend attendance is youth
– 15% of weekend attendance are students at Tuesday and Wednesday night gatherings
– 20% of students attending Tuesday and Wednesday night professing Christ annually
– 33% of students participating in summer trips
– Students who beg parents to come back to church
– Vision focused passionate volunteers who are empowered and engaged with students
– Varsity and JV Teams are lifted up and discipled
Excellent Generational Transitions and On-Ramps look like:
– Students involved in teaching younger kids
– Students volunteering in every area on Sunday
– 75% of students (who have professed faith in Christ) continue to follow Christ at a local church two years after graduation
– Kick Start Class organized and effective (14% of church attendance total per year)
– Absentee and first-time phone calls are excellent and effective
Heart for our house looks like:
– Support and submission to the Senior Pastor and Leadership Team
– Joyful willingness to serve Jesus in any capacity that is asked
– Respect and honor for those above, beside, and below

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