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Worship Pastor



Why We Love This Opportunity 

Berean Baptist Church has a desire to encourage heartfelt expression of worship among their congregation. They are looking for a dynamic leader to help transition the worship teams to not only be excellent musicians but passionate worshippers who are leading by example from the front. Over the last several months, The church has seen incremental growth under the leadership of their new Lead Pastor. In that time, attendance and giving has increased, they are nearly debt free, and there is a growing anticipation for the future.

Church or Org Description

Berean Baptist Church has always been a church focused in a positive way on the life-changing power of Christ in a grace-filled environment. Through every step of their 41 year history, they have desired to be a church that has kingdom-impact by loving God and loving others. This has been expressed through their worship, service and ministry to the needs of their community, church-planting efforts, and missions endeavors. Berean Baptist believes that they should be a local body living missionally in their everyday lives. As such, they are actively involved in their community and serve others through a number of imaginative ministry programs. In addition, more than 20% of the church’s annual budget goes toward local, domestic, and international missions.

Berean Baptist called a new Lead Pastor in March of 2020 who is a dynamic leader with a missional focus. His leadership style allows for autonomy of individual ministry areas and leaders while maintaining focus on a common vision and strategy and prioritization of a teamwork mentality. Under this pastor’s leadership, the staff culture is flourishing. Prior to COVID-19, the average adult worship attendance was about 600 people with another 200-300 students involved in a mid-week worship gathering.

Position Description

The new Worship Pastor will provide oversight of all aspects of the Worship Ministry (instrumentalists, vocalists, technology) and, perhaps, another area of ministry such as assimilation or first impressions. An opportunity exists to continue helping to shape the church’s desire for worship gatherings of God-centered, undistracted excellence. Their goal is to create worship experiences that are both multi-generational and contemporary. They want to honor tradition while regularly embracing “new songs” that will appeal to the next generation and their unreached neighbors.

The successful Worship Pastor will be a trained musician who is a relational, humble leader and a team player. This person should love identifying potential in others, developing them, watching them grow, and empowering them to lead while striving for musical and spiritual excellence. On and off the platform, the new Worship Pastor should be marked by authenticity. Berean is a multigenerational congregation and this person should genuinely desire to engage with people of all ages and lead in a way that will encourage unity and engagement among this diverse range of people. This person should have the heart of a pastor who loves to develop people and see them thrive.

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