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Worship Pastor



Why We Love This Opportunity

Join a team and be surrounded and supported by technical and creative artists. This is a great opportunity to step on to the platform and help an amazing & reach-oriented church deepen its passion for worship.

Church or Org Description 

For the last thirteen years, The Ridge has existed to help people find and follow Jesus in Milwaukee, WI. This multi-campus church of two thousand does the kinds of things other churches aren’t willing to do to reach those others are not willing to reach. With a relentless focus on the lost, The Ridge has continued to see the mission come to life in the faces and stories of those that call the Ridge home.

“One of our value statements is to be close to the far,” says Jodi Tonarelli, the Director of Weekend Experience, “and by that we mean we want to truly invest in those who are far from God.” It’s this investment that keeps the church relevant and modern in its weekend experience.

The Ridge is located in Milwaukee which in the past may have meant only beer (lots of beer!), the TV show Happy Days, and blue-collar manufacturing, but Milwaukee is a resurgence and reinvented city. From the Bucks (NBA) to the Brewers (MLB) to a vibrant music scene with the largest outdoor music festival in the country, Milwaukee has come a long way.

Position Description 

The Ridge continues to see the weekend services as the place to engage those who are far from God. People bring their friends who are far from God to encounter Him during their Thursday evening and two Sunday morning services. The experience is anchored by teaching, but the arts through worship, music, video, and production play a huge part.

“If a person doesn’t have a heart for lost people they will not fit here,” says Jodi, “it’s non-negotiable.”

There are talented people in all positions with resources and tools to do ministry at a high level. The church is hiring a worship pastor to a.) Help move them forward in worship and to b.) Create a culture of raising up additional worship leaders for future campuses.

“We’re seeking to grow deeper in our understanding of worship and to be Spirit-led,” says Jodi. While this doesn’t mean spontaneous songs that are six minutes in length, it does mean a deeper passionate engagement from the platform for the congregation to follow. The church’s vision is built on multiplying leaders in all areas of their ministry. They desire to find a worship leader who can do this as well.

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