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Worship Pastor


New Jersey

Church or Org Description
Church at Bergen exists to bring glory to God by making disciples through the gospel of Jesus Christ, locally and globally. That mission is lived out through four core convictions: It’s a Gospel-Driven, Word Driven, Discipleship Driven, and Mission-Driven church. CAB exists to develop people who gather and scatter to make much of Jesus Christ. There is a deep passion for the sufficiency of the scriptures in all that they say and do, as well as continuing to grow in its beautiful generational and cultural diversity.

Located in Northern New Jersey in Bergen County, Church at Bergen is placed in a very strategic location to reach a post-Christian, liberal society. Just 15 minutes from downtown NYC, the mission field is ripe for making disciples of Jesus Christ. At just 6 years old, CAB is a church of 500 that is growing fast. Church at Bergen doesn’t aim to be a fast-growing church. Their goal is to be healthy, and they believe healthy churches grow. They have a strong team of volunteers, elder body and staff, who are not just colleagues, but friends who pursue Jesus together and count it their privilege to love and serve the people of the NYC metro area and beyond.

Position Description
The Worship Pastor at Church at Bergen is stepping into a wonderful team. For its 6 year history, CAB has never had a full-time Worship Pastor. The team has been led by humble, gifted volunteers. The team is ready to follow a new leader and is positioned for incredible effectiveness in the future. These are gifted musicians with hearts for God that love to serve. No divas. No personalities. Just raw passion for God and the Gospel.

This Worship Pastor is responsible for supporting the vision of Church at Bergen by ensuring strong discipleship, administration, team cultivation, recruitment/development, and creative production in the music ministry of the church. Specifically, this Worship Pastor will lead worship, coach and develop other worship leaders, and cast vision for the worship culture at Church at Bergen. They will take the lead in developing healthy rhythms and systems for the team. There is a culture of creativity that is being developed but needs strong leadership to thrive. So much potential. So many possibilities. This leader needs to be humble and teachable, and have a passion for theology, doctrine, and Christ-centered worship.

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