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Worship Pastor



Church Description *
McCord Road Christian Church is located in Sylvania, Ohio in the greater Toledo area. The church is 55 years old and is known as a source of hope and outreach to the community. The mission is to love God, love each other, and get the message out. Pastor Micah & Kristy Sutton joined the team 18 months ago and have seen remarkable growth and momentum. At right around 1000 people, McCord Road Christian Church is positioned for its most fruitful season of ministry yet. The staff is strong, unity is high, and excitement is tangible across the entire church.

With 4 services on Sunday morning, McCord Road is working hard to facilitate all that God is doing in terms of growth. This is a multi generational church that truly feels like a family. The possibilities are endless as to what God can do through this gifted, humble, passionate team.

Position Description *
The goal of this Worship Pastor will be to foster a worship culture where developing leaders is a high priority. The leader must value a worship philosophy that is rooted and relevant – forward leaning in song, sound, & style, but also carry an appreciation for hymns and the multi generational church. A strong on-stage presence is valued, but even more important is the ability to develop other leaders – young and old – and work to equip others for ministry.

Another value for this Worship Pastor is the ability to lead moments in worship. Tight songs and well executed services are wonderful, but the ability to read the moment and lead people in spontaneous moments of worship is so important. This is a church ready to engage at a higher level and experience the presence of God like never before.

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