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Worship Pastor



River Run is located in one of the newest areas of growth and development in Central, Florida. This church already has a great foundation of Kingdom impact, and is going to see many lives changed for Christ in the coming years.

River Run is a very healthy church, using new ideas and avenues of discipleship to truly make disciples of Jesus Christ.

The staff is highly relational, and truly does life together in community. The worship style is a great blend of excellence and Holy Spirit sensitivity in the services. This is a dream job for someone who values authentic worship expression, transparent relationships and a passion for true life transformation.


Church Description *

River Run Church began in 1999, and was designed to be a healing place for people who had given up on church. River Run’s heart was to help those who are searching for hope and peace in a broken world, and connect them with their divine identity through Jesus. Developing authentic relationships is a high value that resonates through every aspect of ministry life, as they seek to experience a lasting impact from a real God.

This is a church that understands the importance of God’s calling on the local church to reach lost people in their community, and allow a compelling environment of authentic worship to draw people closer to Him. River Run is streamlined to follow a “simple church” model. They believe life happens best in circles, and not in rows. They place a high value in getting a high percentage of their people connected in Neighborhood Groups.

River Run has a 25,000 square foot facility located on a beautiful 20-acre property. They are located in one of the fastest growing quadrants of the Greater Orlando Area.


Position Description *

God created the arts to be a powerful conduit of God’s truth and grace, which inspires us to connect with Him. Since the very beginning, River Run has placed a high value on dynamic, high energy, passionate and expressive worship. Their current style would be: Bethel meets Passion meets Elevation meets Vertical Church.

River Run has an extremely talented group of musicians, with three or more musicians at every instrument and position. The worship team is very healthy in its musical ability and relational unity. They demonstrate humility, service and dedication. The foundation and desire is there for this next Worship Pastor to take the team to new heights.

We are seeking a Worship Pastor who can be the champion for the overall worship ministry. This person must reflect a lifestyle of continuing to pursue Jesus and living a life filled with the Holy Spirit. We are looking for a leader who has the gifting of leading worship, but what drives them is using their gift to draw people into the presence of a God who loves them.