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Worship Pastor



Why We Love This Opportunity

Those who attend Deermeadows Baptist Church know it to be a place of diverse people who are welcoming and open to various backgrounds. This congregation has been described as a very “authentic” group, meaning that they are flawed and, therefore, very accepting of the flaws in others. People find Deermeadows to be “real,” which is part of why people are drawn here. This church is poised to have a continued and growing impact on the community, so bringing the right person into the Worship Pastor role is very important. The new Worship Pastor will come in well-positioned to earn the congregation’s trust, love, and support.

Church Description

The vision of Deermeadows Baptist Church was born in the hearts of a small group of people in the mid-1970s. Since that time, they have embraced their mission to be “A Community of Faith Following Jesus Christ.” To accomplish this, they believe they must: Worship authentically; Connect relationally; Grow spiritually; and, Serve purposefully. The church is excited and hopeful as they emerge from the pandemic in a way that honors who they have been in the past while taking the opportunity to reimagine some of what they will be in the future.

The people of Deermeadows believe that reaching their community for the gospel happens best as they build relationships from person to person. They invite people to be part of their community of faith as part of those deepening relationships. This is a multigenerational congregation with people of all age groups represented. Still, approximately 50% of the attendees since 2019 are 40 and younger. Those who attend come from a wide range of racial, cultural, and socioeconomic backgrounds. Before Covid-19, Deermeadows saw an average weekend attendance of around 600 adults.

Position Description

People often refer to Deermeadows as “the church with the steeple on Baymeadows Road” that is warm and welcoming to everyone. They have been a long-standing part of the community and are known for being a church with a blended musical style standing in contrast to most other churches in their area. The church reaches a specific group of people who appreciate a worship service that blends both the new and the traditional, including a full choir and orchestra. The music included in a worship service each week can vary. Worshippers would not be surprised to hear a popular song from CCM radio, an old spiritual, a sacred hymn, or learn something brand new within the scope of just a few worship services.

Musically, the new Worship Pastor should be well-educated, have strong platform skills and vocal abilities, and lead with confidence, charisma, and authenticity. Strong as a choir technician, this leader should also be conversant with instrumentalists and vocalists. A leader who appreciates an eclectic mix of the new and the classic is needed. The Worship Pastor should have a deep love for the Lord and a desire to see others walk closely with Him.

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