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Worship Pastor



Why We Love This Opportunity

City Church is located in a unique college city full of creativity, culture, millennials, families, young and old alike. This 2013 church plant has experienced incredible growth as they have embraced a vision to bring spiritual, social and cultural renewal to the city of Evansville and beyond through a movement of people who are being transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The worship culture of City Church is a significant part of this vision and will always be. They are seeking a highly gifted, thoughtful, well-spoken and called leader with some experience under their belt to be their next Worship Pastor.

Church or Org Description

What began as a Bible study in 2012 launched as City Church on July 14, 2013, under the leadership of Pastor Jeff Kinkade, meeting in a temporary facility. The launch was highly publicized in Evansville and attracted a significant amount of interest from the local media. The church set up and tore down chairs, audio/visual equipment, etc., each week for approximately two years. By the summer of 2015, City Church purchased a 42,000 square foot church building in downtown Evansville.

This Gospel-driven church is focused on bringing spiritual, social and cultural renewal to the city of Evansville and beyond through a movement of people who are being transformed by Jesus. They believe the Gospel is sturdy enough to withstand all intellectual scrutiny, so people are free to ask questions, challenge, and grow.

City Church is made up of people of all ages, from college and young adults to young families, professionals and retirees alike. There is deep appreciation for creativity, excellence, Gospel-centered teaching, authentic worship, community and community transformation. This is a tremendous time for one to become a contributor to the active work Jesus is doing in this community through the ministry of City Church.

Position Description

The Worship Pastor will be responsible to spiritually pastor/shepherd the community of musicians and technicians they lead. Their intentional engagement with the team is deeply important in creating a culture of connectedness and community. The right leader will be a recruiter and developer for the worship minstry and create pathways for people to serve in the creative and technical arts. They will value collaboration and work closely with Pastor Jeff and the rest of the City Church staff to serve the vision of the church in their community.

They will lead the creation, organization, communication, and execution of all Worship elements for Sunday services in accordance with the spiritual vision of City Church. This includes, but is not limited to, Sunday worship services, rehearsals, as well as other events within various ministries. They will provide direction and vision to a team of volunteers and paid musicians, challenging them to achieve a high level of effectiveness.  They will also oversee a part-time Technical/Audio Director who leads a team of technical volunteers.

Strong vocal and instrumental musicianship is expected to effectively lead in congregational worship and lend credibility with the other musicians on the team.

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