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Worship Leader / Worship Arts Director




Why We Love This Opportunity

If you desire to take your musical/worship and video gifts and deploy them in a place that is helping people find their way back to God…this is it. The Ridge is an externally focused church doing what others won’t do to reach those that others won’t reach. It’s a dynamic, young, growth-oriented team. You’ll grow and you’ll be a better leader because of serving at The Ridge.
Church or Org Description
For the last fourteen years, The Ridge has existed to help people find and follow Jesus in Milwaukee, WI. This multi-campus church of two thousand does the kinds of things other churches aren’t willing to do to reach those others are not willing to reach. With a relentless focus on the lost, The Ridge has continued to see the mission come to life in the faces and stories of those that call the Ridge home.

“One of our value statements is to be close to the far,” says Jodi Tonarelli, the Director of Weekend Experience, “and by that we mean we want to truly invest in those who are far from God.” It’s this investment that keeps the church relevant and modern in its weekend experience.

The church does reflect its community at both Greenfield and now Oak Creek as well. While the original Greenfield campus has always been a bit more economically diverse because of its location, the Oak Creek location is middle/upper middle suburb of Milwaukee. Much of the growth in this region is driven by Amazon expansion and by the Foxconn ten billion dollar investment in the area.

Position Description
The Oak Creek campus is still in development mode, and as such The Ridge is looking for a multi-talented worship leader. “They need to have a general understanding of production, and we also need them to be split with part of their week going to video – shooting, editing, or telling stories,” says Jodi. In a post-COVID environment The Ridge is doubling-down on its digital environment.

The Production teams are well built and executing soundly, but there is still some need in the band for team building. “We’re seeking to grow deeper in our understanding of worship and to be Spirit-led,” says Jodi. While this doesn’t mean spontaneous songs that are six minutes in length, it does mean a deeper passionate engagement from platform for the congregation to follow.

Is This You?
The Ridge is looking for a worship pastor at Oak Creek who will fit their collaborative culture which is fast, risky and innovative. They are looking for that Swiss-Army-Knife of abilities in a modern worship leader who can bring a contribution to the video story telling team.




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