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Worship Leader



Why We Love This Opportunity

Grace Community Church is prayerfully seeking someone who will lead the congregation spiritually, musically, and relationally as they pursue passionate worship that engages the entire church.

Located in the mountainous region of Arizona, Grace Community Church has been helping people love God and love each other in the city of Flagstaff since 1993. Outside church, Grace members enjoy hiking, skiing, mountain biking and being able to get out and enjoy nature in a slower-paced, family-friendly community. In many ways, Flagstaff offers the best of Arizona with all the allure of a small town, together with the resources of a large community.

Church Description

Grace Community Church is a warm and friendly place made up of real people who genuinely love each other. Practical Bible preaching has long been a priority for the church as it seeks to be known for its pursuit of the great commission and its obedience to the great commandment.

What began with just 25 people in a school auditorium 26 years ago, has grown to a church family of over 400 who continue to embrace the mission of taking the message of God’s grace to the community of Flagstaff. While the heritage is strong and the message has never wavered, ministry methods at Grace continue to evolve to meet the ever-changing needs of this unique, Northern Arizona city.

While music and worship have been valued at Grace Community Church in the past, the church has a greater desire than ever to foster a vibrant worship ministry. Planning and execution of its services is not showy; yet reflects a high standard of excellence and draws families of all ages. The church genuinely desires for people to experience a growing and deepening relationship with God through teaching, community, and passionate worship.

Position Description

Grace is a well-established church with a worship ministry that is poised and ready for strong leadership that will help take it to the next phase of deeper, more participatory worship. There is a consensus among staff and volunteers to see the church maintain authenticity and musical excellence while expanding its reach in shepherding, equipping, mentoring, and leading passionate worship. While the congregation is currently embracing the interim leadership of rotating worship leaders, there is a growing desire to find a Worship Leader who can lead and develop the worship ministry into a vibrant ministry of the church.

Grace is a non-denominational, family-friendly, Bible-preaching church that seeks to be a light in the community and the world. Building on the foundation of the past, the church is looking for a leader in worship who can partner with Pastor Mark and the existing staff to lead and shepherd the people of Grace well, and support the vision, mission, and values of the church—a Worship Leader who will creatively lead modern worship for the church, maintain strong biblical standards in life and ministry and operate with a heart for the ministry within the local church.


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