Tates Creek Christian Church
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Worship Leader



Slingshot Group is honored to help Tates Creek Christian Church build a remarkable contemporary worship ministry by finding the right Worship Leader to add to the team. While Tates Creek Christian has been known for excellent traditional worship, the church leadership launched contemporary worship in 2011 with the prayerful determination to make contemporary worship equally as effective as the traditional.

To that end, Slingshot is humbled to be chosen as the trusted partner to find the right Worship Leader from our nationwide network. The right fit matters, and Slingshot Group is excited about the potential of connecting the right Worship Leader. Tates Creek deserves a next level leader to help her become a next level church.


Church Description *

Tates Creek Christian Church is located in the heart of the bluegrass state, Lexington, Kentucky. Besides the obvious love for their Kentucky Wildcats basketball team, Lexington is known for gorgeous horse parks and southern hospitality. The church is multi-generational and has a wide range of socio-economic backgrounds. The cost of living in Lexington makes it very possible for the young family to purchase a home. The public school system is outstanding but there are private Christian schools as well.

There is a strong emphasis on biblical teaching at Tates Creek Christian as well as gathering in small groups to enhance Godly friendships. There is a rich heritage of senior adults who can share wisdom with the younger generation of leaders. Slingshot Group is thrilled to help Tates Creek find a great young leader to bring a strong and fresh perspective of worship to this very established church family.

Position Description *
The new Worship Leader for Tates Creek Christian Church will plan and lead the 11am contemporary worship service, as well as recruit, train and shepherd the volunteers. There is incredible potential for Kingdom impact because of the untapped resources of contemporary musicians in the local area. The University of Kentucky is just 2 miles away and is known for it’s Music School. With the right contemporary Worship Leader there could be many college students involved in pioneering contemporary worship at Tates Creek Christian.

The new contemporary Worship Leader will not lead the traditional worship service, but will work as a team-player alongside the traditional Worship Leader, setting a great example of teamwork among the generations.