Worship Director

Wichita, Kansas
This is a rare opportunity to lead amazing talent at the staff and volunteer level. Join an amazing team at this church of 7,000 to take music and worship to the next level. The tech and communications staff here is second to none. You’ll have amazing co-workers and great worship leaders and music directors on your team who are looking for leadership.

Church Description *

NewSpring is a church of 7,000 in Wichita, KS. It is the second largest evangelical church in the state of Kansas, but it wasn’t always this way. Mark and the senior leadership team guided NewSpring through dramatic change a little over a decade ago, moving it from a somewhat typical, inwardly-focused Baptist church to a church that has a goal of building bridges to the community.

NewSpring is a church that creates joyful, relevant, irresistible environments led by skilled staff and dedicated volunteers. They do this to achieve their purpose in helping others make an eternal connection with Jesus Christ. The purpose is evident from the smiles on the newly re-made Guest Services team, into the halls of vibrantly themed children’s spaces, and all the way to the stage in both auditoriums.

The two services on Saturday and two services on Sunday morning are high energy and delivered at a high level of excellence.

NewSpring gets the most out of a volunteer-driven modern band, moving lights, new large video screens, state of the art control room, and a little haze in the atmosphere. The music is delivered with passion and purpose.

Position Description *
The team currently has two full-time worship leaders, as well as one part-time music director that will fall under the leadership of this new hire. This team needs the next level leader who can integrate the talents of both staff and volunteers to create a weekend worship experience that will prepare the diverse audience to hear a message from the Word of God.

“I think of our growing Hispanic population and a changing demographic around our neighborhood,” says Pastor Mark, “and I realize we are doing a narrow bandwidth of style. Are we singing great songs? What makes a great song great? What stirs our people, and can we broaden artistically? Those are the questions we need the next leader to help us answer.”

The right candidate could be one or a combination of the following:

A musician and producer first
A worship leader second
Potentially “set to the side” and possibly considered “irrelevant” at a very young church
Potentially spent time in the studio
Has a proven record of getting the most out of musicians and singers from off-stage
Appreciates and values volunteers
Knows how to coach and how to lead creative-minded people

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