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Worship Arts Director/Pastor



Why We Love This Opportunity 

The gospel is at the center of all that they believe and do at Grace Church. They take seriously Colossians 1:17-18 where it reads that Jesus is “before all things,” and “in Him, all things hold together.” Jesus isn’t just a supporting character in the life of their church, He commands the spotlight. Since all things find their purpose and meaning in Jesus, they recognize that effective ministry only happens when Jesus is the driving force of their efforts.

This is an opportunity for someone to come into a very healthy worship arts ministry, build relationships, earn trust, and be given great latitude to make improvements to the corporate worship, especially as it relates to raising the bar and getting the very best out of their team. There is also an opportunity for the new leader to grow in their preaching/teaching abilities (if desired), as well as in practical pastoral ministry skills.

Church or Org Description 

Grace Church has a rich history spanning over 150 years in the Racine area. While much has changed in that time, their commitment to the Word of God and to serving those around them has not. This multi-generational congregation is known for being a compassionate church that helps the community. It also has a reputation for being a “safe” place where hurting people can come to heal. Above all else, the vision at Grace Church is “to know Christ and to make Christ known.” Going about this vision, they desire to be a church that is: gospel-centered, Scripture-saturated, prayerfully dependent, compassion-hearted, relationally driven, multiplication-minded, and God-glorifying.

While Grace Church employs a variety of structures and programs that help move people closer to Jesus, they view the Sunday morning worship gathering as the flagship. It will always be the most significant thing for them and will always need to embody and express who they are as a church in a way that nothing else they do can. Because of this, the worship gatherings at Grace Church incorporate expository preaching, gospel-centered songs, Scripture readings, times of prayer and reflection, celebration of baptism and communion, and testimonies of God’s work.

Position Description 
As Grace Church moves forward into the future, they desire to continue building upon the culture that has already been formed. The worship team is made up of a core of committed, strongly united, and spiritually healthy volunteers. The new Worship Arts Director/Pastor should be a relational and humble leader who loves developing others and empowering them to lead. On and off the platform, the new Worship Arts Director/Pastor should lead an air of authenticity. While musical skill and administrative competence is important to the role of the Worship Arts Director/Pastor, this person should also be Gospel-centered and care deeply about theological matters.

In the past, a culture of song-writing and producing/recording original content has been embraced here. While not required, for someone who enjoys song-writing, there is ample opportunity to produce new songs and recordings for the church to engage with. There is freedom here to be creative, to build, and to do ministry with a great team in a great community.

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