Wildwood Church
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Worship and Arts Director



Come shape the worship culture in an exciting church with huge vision in a beautiful part of the country. At Wildwood Church, there is a strong sense of community and a heart to reach their area in some very practical and innovative ways.

Church Description *

Wildwood Church wants to aggressively and winsomely get the gospel into the hands of a lost world. They desire for worship services to be seeker friendly without being seeker oriented and have a vision to make disciples primarily through personal evangelism and community groups for the de-churched, unchurched, and anti-churched people. Additionally, Wildwood Church has employed a strategy to engage the community around them that is innovative and effective. The church purchased 60 acres and built a beautiful community center as a key part of its strategy to engage the people around them. The center is designed to serve the tangible, felt needs of the community by providing a space to grow and connect. And, it’s only the beginning! Future plans are to continue developing the property and to move the church to this location.

Wildwood Church has been intentional about engaging the arts community in the area, as well. They’ve created a collaboration of local musicians and provided a venue for local and regional artists to connect with audiences and each other. Free concerts are organized and hosted in the community center about once per month and feature a wide range of genres.


Position Description *

Wildwood Church places a high value on use of the arts and desires to utilize them well both within the church and to leverage them well outside the church. The new Worship and Arts Director will lead a team of highly skilled artists and musicians to help shape the future worship culture here. There is a desire to declare the truth about who God is while also helping people connect with their hearts. High value will be placed on worship that is engaging and participatory. Someone who leads from the heart with an authentic passion and who thinks beyond the music to how each element transitions into a seamless flow is desired.

The new Worship and Arts Director should understand the dynamics of crafting a worship experience that is multi-generational in its appeal while capturing the worshiper and drawing him into the moment. This person should be magnetic, authentic and relational with the worship team and with those in the congregation. Wildwood is looking for someone who is passionate about the Gospel, has the heart of an evangelist and a heart for the church’s mission in the community.

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