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Technical Director



Why We Love This Opportunity 

CrossPoint Community Church is focused on transformation. For the Worship/Tech department, this translates to creating an environment where people can gather, engage with biblical truth, and corporately respond. Each part of the team is essential to making that happen. Tech at CrossPoint is not looked at just as a “support role.” It is involved in the creation, not just execution. It is an area they’ve always invested in because they believe it to be essential. The next Technical Director has the opportunity to bring “fresh eyes” to CrossPoint’s technical environments, with the resourcing and freedom to move things forward.

Church or Org Description 

CrossPoint Community Church’s history stretches over the last 100 years. The non-denominational church has thrived in its current downtown location, as it serves people all over the city of Modesto and the surrounding region.

CrossPoint is invested in the downtown community they are planted in, having the opportunity to reach people from many different walks of life. “Rescue” is one of their core mission directives. They are called to bring Jesus into every place He is not. They’ve specifically done this by equipping their people to share Christ through relationships. They also focus on meeting the physical needs of people in their community. They want to preach Jesus but not without doing the things He did.

Position Description 

The Technical Director leads CrossPoint’s tech staff and volunteers in producing their Sunday services and developing/maintaining tech infrastructure across their campus for our weekly ministries. For this role, CrossPoint is looking for a go-getter. They seek a Technical Director that is a self-starter and constant learner. They want someone that will aggressively run after the mission and vision of the church, without leaving a trail of bodies in their wake. Relationships are important and how people are cared for matters.

The preferred fit is a technical “jack of all trades” with an emphasis on the front of house audio. They are a visionary and a creative, which can help cast vision for what could be. They can see the big picture, not just their own world. They lead with authenticity, humility, and integrity, and consistently promote unity in public and behind closed doors.

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