midland bible church

Teaching Minister
Midland Bible Church

Midland, Texas
Church Description *
Throughout its history, Midland Bible Church has been known locally as a body of believers who are serious about their faith, study the Word of God, and love each other well. Although Midland Bible Church is small to mid-size, it has historically been one of the more influential churches in the region and is home to many community leaders. The church body is excited about the future and about implementing a new mission focus, becoming a “Romans 12″ church. ” The purpose of the church is to instruct, equip, and encourage each member as he or she seeks to live out their God-given purpose. With high involvement and excitement about this new mission focus, Midland Bible is poised to increase its impact in the lives of hundreds of families in the region and in the world. At MBC, we seek to be transformed by pursuing Christ. We seek to walk in humility, believing we each bring something uniquely valuable and needed to the Body,

Midland is located in West Texas, with a semi-arid climate on the edge of the Chihuahua desert. The local economy revolves around oil and gas, which often creates boom and bust cycles.

Position Description *
The teaching minister at Midland Bible Church will be a person of God who can masterfully communicate God’s message with the transforming power of Jesus Christ and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. This person will teach the Bible with clarity and ignite introspection amongst the congregation. The team of elders, the teaching minister, and the staff will work together toward becoming a “Romans 12” Church. There are several unique opportunities/challenges at Midland Bible Church as we move forward with our Romans 12 model.

First, Midland Bible Church will become even more externally focused in reaching Midland and the surrounding community. Second, Midland Bible Church will continue to refine the process and extend the relationships that will grow the church in discipleship and evangelism. Third, there is a tremendous growth opportunity represented in the current campus of MBC and a strong communication strategy will lead MBC into a new and fruitful season of ministry. Fourth, MBC is multi-generational and will continue to reach new families and grow into the future without losing relational intimacy. The ideal candidate will have five (5) years of demonstrated experience in preaching and teaching. A degree from an accredited seminary is strongly preferred.

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