Support and Development Technical Director
Flatirons Community Church

Denver, Colorado
This is a great opportunity for a production director who is more technically-minded to have a huge impact. Do you love trouble shooting equipment, training people, and setting up others to succeed? This could be for you. This position has an important role to play at every campus across Denver and beyond.

Church Description *

Flatirons Community Church began in 1997. Averaging over 15,000 each weekend, it is the 14th largest church in America and is the largest church in Colorado. After meeting in various locations for many years, they remodeled a huge retail space, transforming it into an amazing ministry facility. Over the past four years Flatirons has launched four additional campuses across The Front Range, and have plans for more.

Their unique style is driven by their uncompromising desire to do whatever it takes to connect with their target demographic. They aim at being a place where people can bring their unchurched or anti-churched friends without needing to explain or provide caveats with their invite. This translates to message series themes that aim to grab attention, messages that are honest and often brutally direct.

They offer modern worship with an occasional relevant, theme-connected secular song that supports the message and connects with the crowd in a unique and memorable way.

Their production values and excellence levels are very high as they continue to pioneer their own style, growing and developing their worship brand while incrementally taking their congregation deeper in worship.

Position Description *
Flatirons is a unique church. Explosive growth has given them tremendous influence and a platform to impact their city in powerful ways each week. Along with this comes an equivalent pressure to deliver consistently powerful gatherings in multiple locations. This is true not only at their three facilities, but also at the two locations that are portable.

This is a fun team to be a part of! They are extremely talented, relationally life giving, and sharpen each other with their skill and commitment to the mission of FCC.

With weekend gatherings executed with such excellence and high energy, the output level and the un-scheduled nature of creativity can lead to the production cycle (while mostly structured and organized) becoming chaotic.

This requires leaders who can work and thrive in this kind of fast-paced environment. This person could be setting up at one location while getting a phone call to trouble shoot a different campus across town.

The Right Candidate Must:
• Be technically proficient with a focus in audio
• Be calm under pressure & be ok with multi-tasking
• Have a soft heart for the lost, but thick skin & be all in for Flatirons
• Enjoy training volunteers & supporting staff

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