Bay Hills Community Church
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Student Pastor



We can’t wait to find the right fit for this truly diverse church in the Bay Area! Bay Hills Church is growing and thriving and a new Student Pastor will help complete the team!

Church Description

Simply put, Bay Hills Community Church is a diverse church. From ethnicity, to socio-economics to faith background, they have it all! The church is outward faced in the community and seeks to introduce people to Jesus through relationship and grow beliers through discipleship.

They place a major emphasis on the following:

1. Small Groups – Bay Hills believes that Small Group fellowship follows the Biblical model for
growing life-long followers of Christ. They are committed to developing a healthy ministry to assist the whole congregation in taking their next step closer to Jesus.

2. Children Ministries – Bay Hills feels a powerful calling to invest in the congregation’s youngest generation. They know this ministry has a tremendous impact on the health of our families.

3. Student Ministries – Bay Hills is serious about evangelism and is, therefore, very committed to student ministry. Since this age group is statistically the most open to receiving Christ, they must do everything possible to help them give their lives to Jesus.

4. Sunday Worship Service – Sunday service is the primary device used to spiritually feed the congregation. Having the best possible sermon and worship/music remain high on their priority list

Position Description


Bay Hills Church is seeking a visionary student pastor who wants to build a ground-breaking student ministry in the heart of a diverse community. They are looking for an outward faced individual leader who wants to push student ministry to the next level into the future…

-Balanced Ministry Strategy
-Applicable Teaching
-Effective Leader and Manager
-Ministry Health
-Interpersonal Skills

-Character – Must be an example and model genuine Christian Faith.
-Chemistry – Must relate well with our staff, congregation, and community.
-Competence – Desire 2 years of experience serving in youth ministry and a Bachelors degree.
-Culture – Must be a “fit” in our church culture, community culture, and ministry culture.
– DISC Assessment results– please include this in your profile, resume or as a separate document

-Recruits, trains and sustains a volunteer base
-Team player
-High capacity with strong work-ethic
-Self-starter (does not require micro-management)
-Communicates well with parents
-Effective teacher