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Student Pastor



Southwinds Church just completed an addition and massive renovation of it’s physical space and is ready for a Student Pastor to come in an complete the renovation of the student ministry as it is poised for innovation, growth and much more!

Church Description

Southwinds Church celebrates a rich history of impact and life-change in and around the San Joaquin Valley of Northern California. Southwinds Church desires to serve the people of Tracy, Mountain House, and Lathrop in meaningful ways. Regardless of where someone might be on their spiritual journey, Southwinds has something for them. This church firmly believes Jesus Christ gives answers to our questions. At Southwinds, they like to say there are “no perfect people allowed.”

In 2016, in response to the growth and need to make room for others, Southwinds Church launched their NextGen Campaign to GROW, INVEST and REACH by continuing build-out of their current campus. This expansion included a new 700 seat worship auditorium, larger and updated children’s space, new student ministry space, a huge centralized courtyard, and additional updates and finishes. The church has been enjoying their new space since May of 2019.

Position Description

Responsible to lead all areas of the Student Ministry Department 

Reports To: Executive Pastor 

Leads: Student Ministry Assistant: 15 Hours A Week

Weekly Responsibilities: 

– Sunday Service (Planning & Preparation)

– Sunday Message Preparation

– Student Ministry Graphic Design 

– Wednesday “MidWeek” Service (Planning & Preparation)

– Wednesday “MidWeek” Message Preparation

– Attend Weekly Pastor Meetings (Monthly Staff Meetings) 

– Recruit and Develop Student Ministry Volunteers: 

– Greeting & Connect Team

– Middle School 

– High School 

– CORE Team (Students)

– Café Team 

– Student Worship Band 

– Develop Small Group Leadership (MidWeek) 

– Special Event Planning (Student Ministry & Church Wide)

– Oversee Band Rehearsal (Wednesday Night) 


– Parents

– Leaders & Volunteers

– Students 

– Social Media 

– Counseling (As Needed) 

Other Expectations: 

– Serve on the Elder Board

– Provide counseling for parents, teens, families as necessary 

– Speak in Adult Services (as needed) 

– Officiate weddings and funerals (as needed)

– Teach portion of Southwind’s Discipleship Classes

– Prepare & Manage Yearly Student Ministry Budget  

– Other Responsibilities (as needed and assigned)