harvest chapel
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Student Pastor



Harvest is a big church in a small town. They are doing church in a fresh and new way and creating waves for the Kingdom in the process!

Church Description *

Harvest Chapel was planted in 1985 in Sandwich, IL. They experienced God doing amazing things during the first 6 years of the church that they moved into their first building in 1991. In 2007 they had grown to 300 people but remained a fairly traditional Assemblies of God Church. That year Senior Pastor Wes Bell would come to the church and begin his leadership. Executive Pastor Joe Denbow would arrive a year later in 2008. During the last 9 years, Harvest Chapel has experienced amazing growth. Today they have an average weekly attendance of almost 1400 and are known as a pillar of faith in the Sandwich IL community. It is not uncommon for church attendees to travel over 20 miles to attend Harvest Chapel.

When you come to Harvest Chapel for the first time, you can expect to worship God in a dynamic environment. You are challenged to dig deeper into the Bible. You have an opportunity to meet new people, and make connections in the lobby area and cafe. Harvest Chapel hosts three Sunday services. The service times are 8:30, 10:00 and 11:00. Ministry to children is available at all service times.


Position Description *

Mosaic Student Ministries seek to create engaging environments for those in middle school and high school. They seek to grow deep in their faith while growing broad in relationships. They do this through both large and small group environments on Wednesday evenings. The Student Pastor gives oversight to all of the ministries from 6th through 12th grade.

Create, recreate, and expand the ministry to middle school and high school students— very few traditions (if any) exist (which could be seen as a blessing)— the new student pastor will need to have the ability to build upon the foundation and establish creative ways to minister to the preteens, teens and families.

The ministry is in need of fresh ideas that still lead back to solid relationships. Because of the differences in the students who attend the new leader should program in such a way that athletes, non-athletes, gamers and non-gamers, churched and non-churched are all drawn to aspects of the ministry.