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Social Media and Community Manager/Strategist



Why We Love This Opportunity

“Digital Relationships” is a new ministry team formed under executive leadership over the last 15 months at The Crossing. They have three fundamental values: excellence, agility, and professional development.

Alongside the Executive Producer and Campaign Manager, the Social Media and Community Manager/Strategist will coordinate content creation and delivery across multiple channels and platforms. Measuring engagement as well as buying ads and tracking their performance means responding to data by making choices and taking risks that respond to results and produce results.

The new Social Media and Community Manager/Strategist will be someone who not only is up-to-date on the latest strategies and trends, but someone who knows how to evaluate and pivot quickly based on engagement analytics, market research, and team goals.

This is a high-octane environment that moves at a rapid pace, pivots on a dime, and encourages risk-taking for the sake of innovation.

Church or Org Description

The Crossing is a member of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church and affirms the truths of the historic, orthodox Christian faith. To move the hearts and minds of more people to believe that Jesus is more.

There are four components to The Crossing’s Mission:
1) Movement: Everyone’s life is in process, so we’re all moving toward the people God created us to be.
2) Hearts and minds: Because what we love and what we believe are inextricably linked, this process of growth must include both our hearts and our minds.
3) More people: This has nothing to do with increasing attendance at church. It’s about more people hearing about Jesus in our community and beyond. We do this by doing for others what others once did for us. When we were far from God, someone reached out and shared the message of Jesus. When we were new to the faith, someone made room for us at church or in a small group.
4) Jesus is more: At The Crossing, we call people to greater faith in Jesus. Jesus is more than anything else a person might love. He is more than success, family, financial security, beauty, sex, grades, accomplishments.

Position Description

JOB TITLE: Social Media and Community Manager/Strategist

-Oversee Social Media Content and Engagement Strategy
-Focus: Twitter & TBA (Reddit, IG, TikTok)
-Stay up to date on the latest strategies evaluate and pivot strategy based on engagement analytics, and market research from various ad platforms and defined goals
-Coordinate with ads and analytics manager
-Write and schedule social media posts
-Coordinate content scheduling with E.P. and C.M.
-Use voice and brand standards:
-Manage consistent graphic and video posts
-Copy edit and proof all posts for errors
-Use Hubspot to track current campaigns
-Engage with comments from all social accounts
-Identify potential content creation partners and bring them to E.P.
-Identify trending topics and bring them to E.P. for further development
-create graphs and visuals from other content creators
-Moderate Posts and Ads
-Coordinate graphics with a freelance graphic designer
-Coordinate video content with a visual content creator
-Pitch new social ideas and concepts
-Stay up to date on the latest social media trends take online classes or read to develop new skills and learn from other churches.
-Become Cross-Functional Team Member

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