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Senior Pastor


New York

Why We Love This Opportunity

We are excited to present this opportunity at Union Center Christian Church in Endicott, NY. Not only is UCCC a church full of people ready to do something, but it is also a church full of people ready to do it TOGETHER. The right Senior Pastor for UCCC will be someone passionate about and skilled at bringing people together from all backgrounds and helping them to lock arms together in the work of Christ’s Kingdom. This opportunity is steeped with potential in this season. The desire for a unified ministry is palpable; all that’s lacking is one last catalytic piece.

Church or Org Description

Union Center Christian Church is one steeped in history. It began life in 1841 as an independent congregational church. Over the last 150 years, UCCC has experienced ups and downs.

UCCC has experienced a slow but steady decline over the years to its Pre-Covid attendance of approximately 250 people. Over the last 18 months, the leadership of UCCC has partnered with Vital Church Ministries in an Intentional Interim season. This partnership has been very fruitful in taking significant steps to repent and re-build healthy ways of being the Body of Christ.

Through a Solemn Assembly in the fall of 2020 and a re-focusing process in the winter and spring of 2021, Union Center Christian Church has begun to discover God’s vision and purpose for the church. The church leadership team now believes that the body is ready for their next long-term Senior Pastor to join them on their journey!

Position Description

General Qualifications:
The UCCC Senior Pastor models the passionate love of Jesus for all people in our community. Their daily life exhibits a deep intimacy and closeness with God, which they sow and cultivate into the lives of others. Through their life, the UCCC Senior Pastor demonstrates the church’s values to the body, leads in implementing our vision, and energizes the body to fulfill our missional purpose. As a church elder, the Senior Pastor will model a consistent spiritual lifestyle and moral character, complying with leadership character qualifications of an overseer as outlined in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:6-9. The Senior Pastor recognizes the power of prayer and is devoted to practicing a multiplicity of spiritual disciplines, e.g., silence, scripture meditation, solitude, and others. They continually emphasize the importance of these disciplines and train the leaders, staff, and members of UCCC to do likewise.

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