lincoln way christian church
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Senior Pastor

New Lenox,


Church Description *
Lincoln Way Christian Church’s mission statement is “Connecting people to Jesus and to one another for life change.” LWCC strives to be known as a community of people seeking what God is doing and joining Him in it. LWCC tends to resist labels and buzzwords because they would rather be known by their desire to be spiritually formed by the means that God has in store for them. The worship services are just as likely to be punctuated by a shout of praise as they are by a time of silent contemplation. Throughout the years, LWCC has resisted becoming a pastor- or staff-centric church. Rather, the leadership of LWCC has persisted in seeing their primary role as equippers of all of God’s people.

LWCC wants to see the men, women, and children in the communities surrounding New Lenox transformed into disciples and voices for Jesus Christ. LWCC is part of the independent Christian Church with roots in the Restoration Movement. New Lenox is located approximately 36 miles southwest of downtown Chicago. The friendly neighborhoods and the reasonable cost of living combined with the proximity to a world class city makes New Lenox a great choice for many families.

Position Description *
There are more than 300 people who call Lincoln Way Christian Church “home” and though not everyone knows everyone else, many people feel a family connection with the congregation. This family feel is a good thing; the challenge is how to foster this connection while growing to reach new families. The person seeking this role should have a pastor’s heart. They should be excited and able to stand on a stage and preach and lead but also willing to get their hands dirty and share in the mission and ministry initiatives of the church and in the lives of people.

The Senior Pastor will lead by word and example as he guides the church to accomplish her mission. His primary duties include proclaiming and teaching God’s Word, seeking and centering us on God’s vision, and developing leaders. Other responsibilities for the Senior Pastor include role modeling the church’s mission, devotion to prayer, mobilizing people and resources to Connect, Serve, and Grow. LWCC is a healthy church. It is a Bible-centered church with a great staff team and culture. The new leader will build on a very solid foundation of ministry and the opportunity at Lincoln Way Christian Church is truly unique.

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