Sandals Church
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Senior Director of Creative Services



Creativity and innovation are defining characteristics of the ethos at Sandals Church. Because of this DNA, Sandals Church is often on the leading edge of creative expression in the Church. The new Senior Director of Creative Services must naturally resonate with Sandals Church’s commitment to producing great work in a culture that is less “copy and paste” and more “create and innovate.”

When it comes to filling a need in the organization, they never simply look for someone to do a job, but for the next person to join their team. They’re passionate about hiring people who want to work hard and can’t get enough of the vision to be “real with ourselves, God, and others.”

Sandal’s philosophy when it comes to hiring staff is, “We hire people, not positions.”


Church Description *

Since Matt Brown and his wife, Tammy, started Sandals Church in their Riverside, California living room in 1997 they have experienced exponential growth. Today, Sandals Church is a thriving multi-site church in Southern California with 9 campuses, serving an average of 10,000 people every weekend – including a fast-growing online campus.

At each of their campuses, they are known as the church who will “let anyone in” – whatever your lifestyle has been, there’s a place for you at Sandals. Thousands of people continue to meet Jesus and experience the life-change every year as a result of their worship services, various ministries, and small groups at Sandals Church.
At its core, Sandals Church’s passion is to help move people toward honest and real conversations in the context of relationships where they can find meaningful answers to the questions or objections they have toward Jesus and/or the Christian faith. They are passionate about loving people right where they are, regardless of how they think or feel about Jesus or his church. This vision isn’t just something they put on a banner, it is woven into their DNA and lived out by their dedicated staff.


Position Description *

The current Creative Services team at Sandals Church is well staffed with those who excel at getting things done. They need an experienced leader with a blend of high-level artistic direction along with the necessary skills to develop and lead the following teams and areas:
-Marketing & Communications
-Series Development
-Visual team (Design and Environments)

The Senior Director of Creative Services plays a vital role in fulfilling Sandals Church’s creative vision. This role requires proficiency in management to lead a multi-disciplinary team responsible for Sandals Church’s experiences—both physical and digital environments. Primarily, the Senior Director of Creative Services will relate closely with the Executive Leadership team to conceive and implement strategies that amplify the priorities and passions of Sandals Church. This includes developing and leading the staff and teams responsible for creative content and production at weekend services and special events across the organization.

This role is also responsible for keeping Sandals Church’s creative elements innovative, intentional, engaging and transformational. All elements should be planned with intentionality and executed with excellence. The Senior Director of Creative Services will be responsible for leading a team that delivers engaging digital and print collateral that tells a compelling story.