Christian Student Fellowship
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Senior Associate College Pastor



Make an enormous kingdom-contribution in a college setting in one of the largest campus ministries in the country. College students make life-changing decisions during this time in their life and Christian Student Fellowship (CSF) intersects with thousands of students every month.

Church Description *

Christian Student Fellowship (CSF) has been around for over six decades and has a rich heritage of being a place to advance the Gospel on the campus. The last decade has been an especially fruitful season of ministry. Christian Student Fellowship connects with thousands of students monthly in their various outreach events, groups, and weekly gatherings.

The ministry has recently embarked on a $20m campaign to re-build a hub for their ministry. The Thursday evening ministry gathering called Synergy, is filled and overflowing. Students line up around the facility to just get through the doors.

“There are thousands of students right there,” says Executive Director Brian Marshall, pointing across the street to the enormous quad of student housing,“and there are thousands of needs that we are here to meet.”

Evidently, CSF will stop at nothing to meet those needs from hosting the world’s largest water balloon fight (picture 11,00 students on an open field and 250,000 water balloons!) all the way to a quilting club small group for quieter students. “It’s not unheard of to have 1,500 to 5,000 students at an outreach event,” says Brian.


Position Description *

With the departure of its long-time associate director, CSF is seeking a ministry leader to help lead staff and implement ministry as the Senior Associate College Pastor. There are approximately forty people executing a ministry that is touching thousands of students every month. The unique culture of this ministry drives the importance of hiring the right person and then figuring out the roles to be played.

The camaraderie of the staff is good, and the team knows bringing in someone from outside will not be easy. There is a lot going on here that is great. The driver of this place is that students can be known and loved. It is genuine, authentic, and projects that to all who enter the facility. That team camaraderie leaks to the student body.

The right Senior Associate College Pastor candidate will:

  • Embody woo, and be an extrovert or a well-managed introvert
  • A heart for college students
  • Be able to go one on one and be available relationally
  • Champion and lead groups-based discipleship
  • Be a self-starter, self-managed, thrive in organizational chaos & bring some order to it
  • Value education and theology (this is a University / academic setting)