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Regional Ministry Director

Morgan Hill,


This position has been filled.

The Great Commission Association of Southern Baptist Churches (GCA) exists to provide pastors and their families the support they need to build healthy relationships and healthy churches. Established in 1947, it has 125 ministries and member churches from San Mateo to Solvang and from Monterey to Milpitas. GCA comes alongside to support Southern Baptist churches in central California in reaching their local communities with practical, excellent outreach programs and by supporting pastors, their families and flocks.

The Association has experienced tremendous growth in the last 20 years under the leadership of Dr. Michael Stewart. During that time, it grew from near-bankruptcy to an annual budget of $6 million with assets of $24 million. GCA now employs 70 full-time and two part-time staff, nine of whom work at the home office.

GCA believes that “the right relationships and the right resources at the right time can dramatically improve the outlook and performance of God’s pastors and His churches”. GCA is committed to investing in the health and happiness of pastors and their families—and providing the resources they need to build strong churches. Here are some of GCA’s services:

Services for Churches

  • Stewardship Development
  • Church Planting and Renewal
  • Legal Counsel and IRS Compliance
  • Insurance and Bookkeeping
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Staff and Lay Leader Development

Services for Pastors

  • Family Counseling
  • Education and Childcare
  • Ministry Coaching
  • Financial Planning & Retirement
  • Personal Taxes

The Regional Ministry Director is a newly created position that will develop relationships with GCA pastors and their staffs and will serve as a mentor/coach to them while allowing them to make their own decisions. This person will be highly relational, a self-starter and will enjoy working within a larger team context. The person who leads this area will be both tenderhearted and tough-minded having the ability to “pastor the pastors” and to engage in difficult and conflictual situations as needed. They will be a tremendous resource to support and encourage pastors, both personally and professionally.

This ideal candidate is confident, yet bring a humility to serve as a vital member of a strong team, to bless local churches and ministries. They love the local church and long to see her become ever more fruitful. They thrive when belonging to a vibrant team, when making a difference, and are strong enough to voice their insights. If they have a family they will need the support, if not the active involvement of, their family in forging warm relationships with member churches. Prior experience living in an expensive and diverse region and/or excellent personal financial stewardship will help the ideal candidate thrive in central California for the long term.

One of the greatest challenges the Regional Ministry Director will face will be working with pastors who are already over-stretched and helping them see the value of closer connection with the Association. Many of the pastors in the GCA are bi-vocational. Due to the economic environment of the Silicon Valley area, others of them are under significant financial stress and pressure.


  1. Ordained SBC pastor with a minimum ministry experience of 7-10 years.
  2. Humble and mature Christian with honoring faith and lifestyle.
  3. Possess strong relational skills and leadership knowledge in relating to churches and pastors.
  4. Proven track record of successfully leading initiatives and ministries.
  5. An administrator who can assist with projects and bring logistical leadership.
  6. Has a spirit of willingness to do what is needed.
  7. Is a self-motivated problem solver and encourager to do more than is expected.
  8. Able to follow directions and to think independently to improve the ministry of GCA.
  9. Has a desire to be mentored and to develop as a well-rounded associational ministry staff.
  10. Able to use email and text to communicate and use Microsoft Office365 for reports and calendaring.
  11. Possess excellent English skills, both verbal and written.  Additional languages preferred but not required are Spanish, Chinese or Korean.
  12. Work well in a fast-pace environment with multiple projects and assignments.
  13. Treat others with respect, kindness and fairness, and work well in a team environment.
  14. Enjoy and love people of all cultures, languages and traditions.
  15. A desire to work in a ministry organization and support for its doctrinal standards as found in the Baptist Faith and Message 2000.

This position has been filled.

To learn more about the work of the Great Commission Association in northern California, please visit their website at

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