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Production Director



Why We Love This Opportunity

Located in Clermont, FL., a great place to raise a family with a suburban feel and easy access to Orlando and much more. Real Life is searching for someone who will carry the heart of the church’s mission, which is to” meet people where they’re at and help them develop a faith that impacts and transforms their everyday, ordinary Life.”

Church or Org Description

Real Life is vibrant, unique, energetic, and passionate in everything they do. An urgency and vision drive them to reach the lost, which is evident in every experience and ministry. You get the overwhelming sense that this is a community of real people who love each other and their church. At the core, there is a committed team of volunteers and leaders who wholeheartedly believe in the mission of Real Life and desire to partner with God in changing lives. Creativity and innovation are abundant, out-of-the-box thinking is encouraged, and the teaching is biblical, relational, and relevant. There is an obvious desire to settle for nothing less than an authentic, theologically sound, and Christ-honoring church while making a missional impact on the community. Real Life is a hospitable and friendly church with a great story and a promising future.

Position Description

The Production Director is responsible for the production department at the Clermont campus of Real Life Church. They manage all production systems, and they help innovate and build the culture of the production department at Real Life Church.

What would a strong candidate look like?
Loves Jesus: Has a continually growing relationship with Jesus and a passion for caring for and helping people grow closer to Jesus.
Loves People: Has a heart for people and a passion for using production to help people take the next steps towards Jesus.
Builder + Leader: Energized by an opportunity to shape and build a thriving production ministry.
Team Player: Thrives in a collaborative environment and has a “we,” not “me” ministry approach.
Organized: Gifted at providing systems, structure, and administration to help power the production ministry in a healthy and sustainable way.

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