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Production Director

Winston Salem,

North Carolina

Why We Love This Opportunity

Two Cities Church has an incredible team, and the Production Director will be the core Leader in production for the Church. Two Cities Church is looking for an experienced Production Director whose main focus area will be working specifically in live production systems and team building.

Two Cities Church exists to call our church, our city, and our world to respond correctly to all of who God is with all of who we are. The Two Cities Church Production Director is to accomplish the church’s mission by first being a faithful church member, creating and stewarding worship environments through technology, and developing teams.

Church or Org Description

The story of Two Cities Church began at the Summit Church in Raleigh-Durham, NC. The Summit Church, led by Pastor J.D. Greear, had the vision to plant 1,000 churches across the world over the next 40 years. Two Cities was birthed out of that vision, and Pastor Kyle Mercer was compelled to plant a new church in Winston-Salem, NC.

In November of 2018, Two Cities moved into its current location at 854 W. Northwest Blvd. They fitted two warehouses right outside downtown Winston-Salem to be the Worship Center and TCC Kids ministry building.
With the explosive growth that Two Cities Church has seen in the last few years, the Church has quickly outgrown its existing space and is excited as they have begun the planning and development for a new future home.

Position Description


LEAD | The Production teams at Two Cities Church – which includes all processes pertaining to volunteer onboarding, training, scheduling, communication, and off-boarding – while providing spiritual leadership and genuine care for the well-being of the volunteer team.

DIRECT | The Production Volunteer Team on the setup, execution, and breakdown of all things related to production for services and other ministries events. This includes operating as the Service Production Director, ensuring all technical elements in the weekend flow are in place and that volunteers are fully engaged and receive regular communication.

MAINTAIN | Current standards of operation, improve systems and execution of production, and pioneer new ways for the production team to create meaningful ways for the congregation to experience Jesus through production.

STEWARD | Two Cities Church’s resources and equipment including the maintenance, inventory, upkeep of existing equipment, and upgrading and purchasing new equipment. Oversee the Two Cities Church technical budget and provide oversight to Two Cities Church executive Leadership in regards to future needs.

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