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Production Director



Church or Org Description *
Madison Park Church of God is a regional church, drawing primarily from Anderson and also from the surrounding communities. Madison Park Church is an active congregation (1,500 average attendance) situated in Madison County, Indiana about 30 miles northeast of Indianapolis. Madison Park Church strategically sits on a primary stretch of interstate along I-69 on a 200-acre parcel of land. The church is in a prime location for continued growth as the development of the surrounding area increases around the church campus.

Paul Strozier joined the staff as Senior Pastor in 2015. He brings an authentic and transparent leadership style, which attracts others who want to see the church stay on mission to reach lost people for Jesus Christ.

Brandon Collins joins the staff as the Worship Pastor in November 2019. After a successful business background, Brandon felt the call to worship ministry. Brandon served in multiple cutting-edge ministries in a multi-campus setting. Brandon leverages influence through a relational approach with a clear vision. He is constantly encouraging those around him to take a leap forward to bring God’s best in a team atmosphere.

Position Description *
Madison Park has a long history of excellence in worship expression which helps others enter into God’s presence. The church is located near Anderson College, which is nationally known within Christian/Gospel music circles for its arts programs.

We are seeking a Production Director who is well rounded in Audio, Video, and Lighting. This person does not have the be the expert in every area, but they need to know how to guide through vision, direction, and team building. This person must be a champion for loving the team and helping them give their best offering to God.

The people at Madison Park Church are hungry for God to pour out His spirit to lost people in Madison County. The new Production Director will play a key role in leading this faith community along the journey, seeing broken lives restored by the love of Jesus Christ.

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