Apex Community Church

Preaching Team Lead – Kettering
Apex Community Church

Dayton, Ohio
Church Description *
Apex is a network of community churches that meet together all throughout The Greater Dayton Area that love Jesus and desire to make Him the reason for everything they do. Apex believes in a centralized and decentralized model of ministry. There are roughly 70 house churches in their network that span across the entire Greater Dayton area. As the primary (not only) mode of discipleship within Apex, they have seen God allow them to actually make disciples by sharing the responsibility with each house church. Apex Community Church’s mission is to make and multiply disciples with the gospel of Jesus Christ through the power of the Spirit. At Apex Community, there is a 3G Model of ministry. There are three basic practices that define what we do: gather, grow, go. We call this the 3G Model. We believe that all three G’s play a crucial part in our lives as both individuals and a ministry as a whole. We also believe that all three G’s are a vital part of making and maturing disciples.

Kettering is a city in Montgomery county in Ohio. It is a suburb of Dayton and Dayton is the sixth-largest city in the state of Ohio.

Position Description *
The incoming teaching pastor must be humble, gifted, experienced and able to teach and lead the weekend centralized gathering. But they must also be the champion of the decentralized house church expression of Apex as well. House churches are a really big deal at Apex. It’s the best way they know how to encourage true discipleship, accountability, and spiritual growth through the teaching of God’s Word, fellowship with other believers, and reaching out to the community around them.

Apex is excited to experience and live out a new vision of their original vision looking to the future. The teaching and weekend gathering leadership will serve to increase the overall enthusiasm and effectiveness of the congregation, enabling them to have a more decentralized / day to day house church impactful and intentional purpose in the future. The Preaching Team Lead is responsible for proclaiming God’s Word at Apex Kettering Gatherings and other gatherings in the network as requested, equipping and facilitating others to preach and teach, communicating the corporate mission & vision of Apex Community in the Gatherings, and providing pastoral care as needed.

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