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Pike County Campus Pastor



Why We Love This Opportunity

The Crossing is a special church reaching eleven communities across three states with the message of Jesus. The Pike County Campus of The Crossing has seen its ministry blessed for almost ten years now, has a warm and welcoming congregation and is situated in a lovely, safe, small town context where everyone knows everyone else’s name and community life abounds throughout the year.

Church Description 

The Crossing is an independent, non-denominational Christian Church started in Quincy, Illinois. The Crossing currently has 11 locations in 3 states surrounding Quincy, and have approached church in a different way. They leverage technology to launch campuses in rural communities throughout the Midwest, and have a heart for the lost and poor. Their Mission is to “help people find an intimate, personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Pike County Campus is a ten year old campus located in the middle of the county whose name it bears and at the intersection of two critical arteries of the local communities. Pike County is home to more than 17,000 residents, living in towns with populations of less than 5,000 people. February 20th, 2021 will be the ten year anniversary of this vibrant campus. The communities around Pike County are rural, farming communities where everyone knows everyone else, and their kids, too!

The Crossing Pike County Campus is the largest church in the county and has been very successful in reaching the area in an evangelistic manner not present before. Of the 17,000 people residing in Pike County, only approximately 1,500 attend church services at any county church each weekend.

Position Description

The Campus Pastor will prioritize the following Expectations:

PROTECT THE WEEKEND SERVICE: The weekend service is our greatest outreach tool. We see the greatest success in reaching lost people through the services provided each weekend at our various locations.

REACH LOST PEOPLE: Our primary mission as a church is to reach lost people.

GUARD THE CULTURE: Culture can either propel a campus or destroy a campus.

TRAIN UP LEADERS: The success, significance and future of our ministry is directly related to our ability to train up leaders in our church.

EMPOWER DIFFERENCE MAKERS: At The Crossing we call our volunteers Difference Makers, because we believe that volunteers make a difference.

CONNECT AND DISCIPLE THE SAVED: No evangelistic church will be successful or have longevity if it is not committed to growing people in Christ.

EMBRACE THE COMMUNITY: Campus Pastors see themselves as pastors of the entire local community.

MANAGE THE STAFF: Campus Pastors will spend time leading and managing their staff.

OVERSEE FINANCES: They will help us determine budgets for their locations.

WEDDINGS, FUNERALS AND HOSPITAL VISITS: Being a pastor is being with people on best days and hard days.

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