Pastor of Family Life
Grace Covenant Church

Austin, Texas

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Grace Covenant Church is looking for a Pastor of Family Life with a heart for impacting families in the city of Austin and beyond.

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Grace Covenant Church in Austin, Texas is a community transformed by grace, connected through relationships and committed to service. The hope for all who call Grace Covenant Church home is simple: That each would look more like Jesus in all areas of life. Sharing the good news of Jesus, Serving one’s neighbors in Austin and growing in discipleship within a community are at the heartbeat of Grace Covenant. Currently, about 2,000 adults and children attend each week at Grace.

Grace Covenant Church is committed to sound theology and teaching from the pulpit and in large or small group bible studies. Bible-centered classes for children to high school have the same focus. At the very center of their calling as a church is a relational discipleship model of ministry. Grace Covenant Church places a strong emphasis on relationships and growing in community together, believing that sharing the burdens and joys of life with one another helps us become more like Christ.

Grace Covenant Church has a clear vision to be a church transformed by God’s grace, connected through relationships and committed to service.

Position Description *

Purpose of this Position: To provide leadership for marriage, parenting and family life strategies to encourage spiritual maturity through developing a disciple-making culture at Grace Covenant Church, so that it fulfills our mission and reflects our core values. Providing leadership would include imparting vision, planning and implementing strategies, supervising staff members and coordinating activities and mobilizing volunteers.

Leadership Responsibilities:

  1. To work with the Family Life Team and lay leaders to develop a long-term plan to ensure a strong goal-oriented discipleship, equipping & educational ministry.
  2. To assist staff and lay leaders is the implementation of our relational discipleship model. This includes curriculum plans and development of resources, training of leaders and teachers specifically in the marriage, parenting and family discipleship areas.
  3. To give direction to the lay leaders through establishing and clearly communicating vision, goals and plans on a regular basis.
  4. To provide leadership for the on-going development of our disciple-making strategies.
  5. To be responsible for overseeing training and development of present and future lay counselors, teachers and small group leaders for the family life area.

Complete job description available upon request

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